Olga batalina was the curator of advocacy in the “United Russia”

MOSCOW, February 18. The Presidium of the General Council “United Russia” instructed the four Vice-Secretary of the General Council to supervise the different activities of the party.

Earlier in the Deputy Secretary of the General Council were dobrany Olga batalina and Viktor kidyaev. Before that the deputies were only Andrey Isaev and Sergei Zheleznyak.

Secretary of the General Council Sergei Neverov suggested to charge Isaev the development of the programme of the party for elections to the state Duma. The decision was made after Wednesday Isaeva has been appointed responsible for the preparation of the programmatic document of the party in the upcoming elections to the state Duma. “The work is very large – and preparing for the forums (six forums programme “United Russia” in the regions of the Russian Federation – ed.), and training program, the work program of the Commission. There offer him as a Deputy Secretary to fully switch to this work”, – said Neverov.

“The second area is advocacy, what MS Golodets (batalina) we always worked quite successfully”, – said Neverov.

Kidjaeva entrusted with the organizational work associated with the preliminary vote of the “United Russia”

“And Sergei Vladimirovich Zheleznyak – international activities”, – said Neverov.