Prokhorov told about eight lessons from buy Brooklyn Nets

Russian businessman and owner of basketball club Brooklyn Nets Mikhail Prokhorov in an open letter told about the eight lessons he has learned over the years of ownership of the club. Letter of a businessman published on the portal Yahoo.Sports.

Prokhorov wrote that last month decided to appoint a new CEO and head coach of the team and shared eight lessons I’ve learned in almost six years of possession of club.

The first lesson is that not all money can buy, wrote Prokhorov. According to him, when in 2012 the club moved from new Jersey to Brooklyn, his management had a desire “to take this step so sensational and funny as possible”. That is why according to Prokhorov, it was agreed “to spare no money”. “This allowed us to go into the play-offs three years in a row, but not as far as we would like. And as the person who signed the checks, let me tell you: it was worth a heck of a lot. We were told that it is impossible to buy a championship. Truer words never spoken,” wrote the businessman.

The second lesson Prokhorov describe the words “strategy stronger opportunities.” In his opinion, the problem Nets was that the club was not the concept. Instead of Mercantile to calculate the best deal, you need to build a strategy to create a unique, original and recognizable of the club. The businessman believes that the club must first answer the main conceptual issues. Among them, will the team focus on the acquisition of certain stars, or should I focus on building a strong team of young talents; most importantly, the statistics of the player or his commitment to the values of the team; the team will play defensively or on attack and some other issues.

Lesson three is that a team philosophy is more important than individual talent, Prokhorov continued. “To get everyone moving in the same direction, to work towards a common goal is not easy. During these years I realized that the person could seriously harm the results,” wrote Prokhorov. “There may be divergence of views, we need to heed the opinion of each, but if we have a strategy, we must work together to embody and push unwanted tasks into the background”, he said. You need to find players that fit the team spirit and to have the courage to refuse even a talented player if he’s not in her culture, says the businessman.

“Brooklyn means business,” Prokhorov headlined the fourth lesson. “Not everyone is destined to play in Brooklyn,” he says, ” this is one of the most important things we have learned. We need coaches and players with the mentality of a winner and a full commitment to the club”. “Being in Brooklyn is an honor. Point”, — he concluded.

The fifth lesson Prokhorov called “Victory and defeat go hand in hand.” “The irony is that despite the fact that we’re looking your way, we have achieved considerable success, — said Prokhorov. “For me as an entrepreneur team has been a great investment. But we don’t need to stop there. The ultimate goal has always been the championship, and it will remain” — said the businessman.

Sixth lesson suggests that the best things in life are free. Prokhorov suggests not to forget about the joys in times of victories and defeats. You must get pleasure from new acquaintances, from the hopes and anything associated with basketball. “It’s just a game and at the same time, more than a game,” says Prokhorov.

The seventh output of a businessman called “Hello, stranger!”. He wrote that he was apprehensive of being in another country, but “these six years have shown me that all concerned people in the U.S., is your commitment, not your passport, accent or home address”. “America, I said six years ago, I come in peace. And I remain here in peace!” — he stated.

The final lesson is entitled “to err is Human”. Prokhorov said that “it’s good to admit mistakes, even if you never admit defeat”. “Brooklyn Nets we are ready to try focus on disciplined analysis and planning. Our fans in Brooklyn and beyond deserve to be the team was worthy of their time and dedication, and we’re going to give it to them. Lessons learned,” concluded Prokhorov.

In January, the club Prokhorov announced the dismissal of head coach Lionel Hollins. In addition, the club parted ways with General Manager Billy king. Prior to that, in December 2015, Prokhorov has completed the acquisition of basketball club Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center sports arena. Before the transaction the remaining shares of the club and its arena belonged to the owner of the company Forest City Enterprises Bruce Ratner, Prokhorov after it became the sole owner of the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center.