Received a reprimand from Putin to the head of Karelia has dissolved the government

Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen, the day before received a reprimand from the President of Russia Vladimir Putin for the failure of the resettlement programme of emergency housing, sent Thursday, February 18, the government of the Republic to resign.

“Today I made a really tough decision — the government of the Republic of Karelia is retiring. Preparing a decree of the administration, a new structure of the government”, – quotes his words TASS, said at the meeting with deputies of Legislative Assembly of Karelia. “I hope, before March 4 will be enough time to prepare the new structure of the government,” he added.

On Wednesday Vladimir Putin has reprimanded the Khudilainen. “In connection with violation of the head of the Republic of Karelia A. P. Hudilaynen obligations on the resettlement of citizens from emergency housing Fund decree: to declare the head of the Republic of Karelia A. P. hudilaynen to the reprimand,” — said in the text of the decree of 17 February.

The Khudilainen in an interview with LifeNews saw the reprimand in his address as fair and deserved. “Of course, criticism is absolutely fair and deserved reprimand. Need a tougher approach to the contractors, harder to ask”, he said. The official also acknowledged that in Karelia the whole complex of problems. “Vladimir Putin all heard, accepted our arguments. Therefore only declared reprimand”, he added.