Sands: the introduction of no-fly zones in Syria will not contribute to the fight against terrorism

Sands: the introduction of no-fly zones in Syria will not contribute to the fight against terrorism

MOSCOW, February 18. The no-flight zone in Aleppo in Syria will not contribute to the fight against terrorism being waged in this country believes the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

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“The fact that there are ongoing activities aimed at combating terrorist organizations, including hiding in those areas,” he recalled. “Therefore, it is unlikely that such modes will contribute to the success of our fight against terrorism”, – said Peskov.

With a proposal to create a no-fly zone along the Syrian-Turkish border on the eve . In her view, Russia airstrikes and troops of Bashar al-Assad “does not meet the spirit of the resolution adopted by the UN in December and, thus, efforts to reduce violence”.

Merkel said that it would be a good sign, “if an agreement was reached between the Assad regime and its allies and coalition against ISIS”, which would allow the creation of “something in the nature of a no-fly zone, in which there is no bombing, in which civilians will not be subjected to pressure and killings”, on the territory between Aleppo and the Turkish border.

The proposal . As stated by the official representative group of U.S. troops involved in counter-terrorism operations in Iraq and Syria, Colonel Steve Warren, to establish a no-fly zone in Northern Syria now is not the time. In addition, the creation of such zones will require a significant investment from the point of view of attracting staff and the necessary equipment.

Question a no-fly zone

Earlier, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a speech before the business circles of the Republic said: “Without establishing a no-fly zone, security zone, a zone free from terrorists in Syria to overcome this crisis will not work. Turkey, being under the threat of, accepts and will continue to take the necessary measures. The first thing is to look for ways that the Syrians remained within the borders of their country”.

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The idea of introducing a no-fly zone over Syria or at least the border with Turkey area were voiced by Turkey since the conflict began in Syria. According to experts, the main goal of this idea is the creation of an enclave closed to the Syrian, and in the current environment and Russian military aircraft, which would be under the guise of the Turkish aviation sector that would enable Ankara to simultaneously support the Pro-Turkish Turkmen (tarchominskie) tribes in this part of Syria, and to strike at the Kurdish troops, which Turkey calls a terrorist because of the desire of the Kurds to establish their own state in neighboring areas of Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

Most of the Brussels military experts believe that in the conditions of the Syria operation, VKS RF, any attempt to create in any part of Syria no-fly zones will sharply increase risks of military incidents between Russia and NATO.

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