Syrian Kurds warn Turkey from the “great war” with Russia

Russia promised to protect Syrian Kurds if Turkey decides on a ground operation in Syria. In an interview with Bloomberg said the head of the recently opened in Moscow representation of Syrian Kurdistan Rodi Osman. According to him, this step by Turkey will lead to a “big war”.

“We perceive this threat very seriously, because the ruling power of Turkey is the power of war” — leads the Agency of his word. “Russia will respond if there will be an invasion. It is not only the issue of support for the Kurds, they will protect the territorial integrity of Syria,” he added.

According to Osman, the Syrian Kurds continue to liberate its lands. And this process “would go much faster if it were not for Turkey”.

In turn, Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu has warned Russia about the responsibility for future terrorist attacks in his country perpetrated, according to Ankara, the Kurdish insurgent group “people’s defence Units” (YPG). “I again warn Russia. If these attacks continue, it will be responsible, as YPG” — quoted Davutoglu Financial Times, said in a televised address.

Davutoglu also called on the international allies of Turkey, especially the U.S., to consider the YPG as a terrorist organization, not partners in Syria.

On the eve of Turkey proposed to create a “safe zone,” the depth of 10 km on the Syrian side of the border, including the town of Azaz in Northern Aleppo province, to prevent attempts to “change the demographic structure” in the area.

On Thursday Reuters with reference to sources in the ranks of opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that about two thousand armed fighters supporting the rebels, on the vehicles left the Turkish territory and went to Azaz. Their task is to strengthen the defense of the city, close to which Federal government army the Kurdish units. A’zaz is the last stronghold of Pro-Turkish insurgents on the border North of Aleppo, which is used to supply their associates, leading the fighting against the troops of the Assad government, the Agency said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday said that the possible invasion of the Turkish Armed forces on Syrian territory would violate international law. “Any invasion of the territory of a sovereign state is illegal. In my opinion, this simple truth,” — said at a briefing the official representative the MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova.