The biggest seller of vodka stopped the shipment after inspections the FSB and the Federal tax service

Vodka stopped

As for stopping the shipment of products from the largest seller of vodka in Russia, company “Status-group”, announced representatives of the three major grocery retail. “From now on “Status groups” are not shipping products due to technical reasons”, — said on Wednesday the financial Director of the largest Russian retailer “Magnit” Khachatur Pombukhchan. According to managing the second largest network of liquor stores “Bristol” Alexey Toporkov, distributor, which supplies network products “Status-group”, on Wednesday sent a letter in which, referring to technical reasons and without going into specifics, warned of the suspension of shipment. “The disruptions have been going for a couple of days, the company confirms to us shipping, but does not deliver”, — said a top Manager of another major food retailer on condition of anonymity. Given the fact that the interruption has occurred recently and retailers have inventory, serious problems due to stop the shipment while no one expects the interlocutor speaks .

The representative of the second largest Russian retailer X5 Retail Group (“Pyaterochka”, “Perekrestok”, “Karusel”) announced that shipments from “Status groups” are being conducted “as usual”, but “some stress”. He connects this with the increased volume of purchases before 23 February and 8 March. Auchan, Lenta and “Dixie” did not provide operational review, the trading network Metro C&C is not cooperating with the “Status-group”.

Head of sales Department of “Status groups” Sergey Popov has confirmed the existence of “some problems” related to inspections at the plant, but assured that all the products are delivered on time because the warehouse a lot of inventory. “Today we called all the networks worry, we reassured them and said that all agreements in force and will be fulfilled,” — said Popov.

Guests from the FSB

Popov said that the checks, which on Tuesday began the Federal tax service and the Federal security service in the offices of the company and Kabardino-Balkarian distilleries (distillery) where is bottled vodka from the company’s portfolio, “interferes with normal work”. “We continue to work with our partner factories, where is the bottling of the products. Of course, we understand all the risks and is already negotiating with other industries. If the factories are will be closed, which, we hope, will not happen, we will move painless production”, — said Popov. Potential new partners, whose power might move the production of “Status-group”, Popov did not call.

Operational activities of the FSB, jointly with the FTS is carried out from Tuesday on behalf of President Vladimir Putin, said on Wednesday the newspaper “Vedomosti” referring to two Federal officials. Offices were seized, documents that may be grounds for initiating criminal cases for tax evasion. As explained by the interlocutors of the newspaper, the Supervisory authorities discovered the scheme, 11 distillery in Kabardino-Balkaria launched in 2015. According to it in USAIS reflected significantly large amount of excise, than in the declarations that has resulted in the growth of tax arrears. Collectively, factories in 2015 declared 23.9 billion rubles less excise than was recorded in the system of USAIS. To collect the tax only managed 1,871 billion roubles the Ministry of Finance estimates that lead “Vedomosti”, only Kabardino-Balkaria damages exceeded 23 billion rubles.

“It’s not a question of the President”, — said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov in response to questions about Putin’s participation in this story.

The representative of Rosalkogolregulirovanija (RAR) has confirmed that now we are “control measures against a number of companies on the territory of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic”, explaining that they will be able to tell the details of when these checks will be completed. He also said that the PAP are now carried out control measures in respect of “Status-group”, during which the office will inform. The press service of the Ministry of Finance, the FSB failed to respond promptly to the requests . The representative of the Federal tax service declined to comment. The representative of “Rosspirtprom” (the exclusive partner of “Status-group”) did not comment on checking themselves, however, noted: “With all products, released “Rosspirtprom” fully paid all taxes, including excise payments. We have no information on the non-payment of any of the licensees or sublicensees of any taxes”.

What is interesting about the “Status group”

Sources of “Vedomosti” did not name the factories and companies where they were launched check. On the official website of the investigative management IC in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (KBR) in a communication dated 18 September 2015 contains information about the excitation of criminal cases on suspicion in evasion from payment of taxes in especially large size. According to investigators, the managers of some enterprises in the course of 2014 and 2015 in the tax returns provided false information: for example, the Director of “Atlantis” were not paid taxes amounting to more than 155 million rubles, the Director of open company “Onyx” — amounting to more than 138 million rubles, the Director of open company “Orion” is worth more than 306 million rubles, the head of LLC “distillery “may” — for the sum more than 200 million rubles. the Total amount of the shortfall on a budget of tax deductions exceeds 2 billion rubles, investigations into these cases are continuing, it is spoken in the message.

According to the information on the labels of vodka from the portfolio of “Status-group”, our products have spread all distillery, listed in the SC for CBI. These enterprises belong to different individuals, neither between themselves nor with the “Rosspirtprom”, whose trademarks were carried out there of the products, nor “Status-group”.

The source of “Vedomosti” noted that “Status-group” tax claims no. Popov also assures that cases against the company there is no and “Status group” helps the investigation.

The name of the main beneficiary “Status group” is not disclosed, the company indicated only that the owner is a famous businessman, not afishiruet their attitude to the company”. Three sources in the alcoholic market from among top managers of private companies in 2015 were told that the creation of a “Status group” is the former co-owner of “metalloinvest” Vasily Anisimov, the billionaire (43-e a place in rating Forbes with wealth of $2 billion). However, he is the information Wednesday once again not confirmed, saying only that he continues to look at the distribution of the company’s business.

As pointed out earlier , according to the companies, based on the monitoring Nielsen, by the end of 2015 “Status-group” became the absolute leader on the wholesale market of vodka with a share of 18.4%. While the share of brands in the “Status group” in the retail network by the end of the year reached 23%, i.e. almost every fourth bottle of vodka, purchased in the nets, was under the brand portfolio of “Status-group”. The company specializes in inexpensive brands are: “Good bear”, “Kalina Krasnaya”, “the Old mark”, etc.

With the participation of Ksenia Sarakinos, Michael Rubin