The dollar fell below 75 rubles on the news about oil

20:16 Moscow time the dollar on the Moscow exchange fell to 74,83 RUB on RUB 3,061 below the previous close (-3,93%).

The cost of the European currency is trading below 84 rubles At 20:17 GMT, the Euro was worth 83,447 roubles is below the closing level on 3,79%. At a minimum, the Euro was worth 83,12 rubles, the Dollar fell below 75 rubles for the first time from 29 January — then at the minimum it dropped to 74,57 RUB.

The strengthening of the ruble occurred against the background of rising oil prices North sea Brent. In the course of trading on the stock exchange ICE the April futures rose by almost 7%. 20:20 MSK barrel of Brent cost $34,58 per barrel.

“Today the ruble on the domestic foreign exchange market repeated movement of the oil market, and in this respect the day was not very interesting. Because oil quotations during the day was actively grown, and the ruble, respectively, significantly increased, and toward evening there was increasing trend of growth both on oil platforms and in the national currency”, — said “Interfax” the trader of alpha Bank Igor Akinshin.

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Venezuela said Tuesday about the readiness to freeze oil production at the January level, if the decision is upheld by other exporters. Today the President of OPEC negotiations with representatives of Iran and Iraq about the limits of oil production were held in Tehran. Their results have not been made public, but several media outlets reported that Iranian oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh expressed support for freezing the production.

“The fact that such a meeting took place and ended on friendly, is the reason for the rise in price of oil,” said John Kilduff, the representative specialist energy hedge Fund Again Capital LLC.