The Governor and the government of the Stavropol region gave salary for the replenishment of the regional Treasury

PYATIGORSK, February 18. /Corr. Oleg Lyakhov/. Stavropol Governor Vladimir Vladimirov and the regional government transferred their monthly salaries to the regional budget for the replenishment of the budget. As told TASS in the press-service of the head of the region, according to preliminary estimates this will help to compensate in 2016 of about 11% shortfall in income of the region.

“Governor Vladimir Vladimirov took the decision to refuse from the own salary for one month, listing it in the budget. The statement he wrote. So did all the Vice-presidents of the government of the region”, – told correspondent. in a press-service.

The press service explained that in January the revenues of the regional budget was reduced, and at the end of 2016, it could be short about 1.5 billion rubles. This happened after the return of an overpayment of income tax large companies – taxpayers.

The regional budget already reached the limit of deficit of 10% of its own income. Possible only on cost optimization, which for 2016 amount to 79 billion rubles. Moreover, 97% intact, as are the social obligations and the major programs. “Their reduction is impossible and saving Fund salary of regional civil servants on this background is a necessary measure,” – said the press service.

Also in the apparatus of the Krai government used administrative leave – for a few days in the month for a particular while period.

Decisions are made voluntarily, we shall deal only with the heads of structural subdivisions, their deputies, and certain other management positions. Ordinary professionals work in normal mode, and for them the wage does not change. Also public sector workers, these measures will not be affected. It is only about state and municipal managers.

“We expect that similar measures will be taken in the ministries and departments of the province, the municipal governing authorities”, – said the press service.

As previously reported, in 2014 the government of Stavropol remain prohibitions on the admission of new employees to work in the authorities, on the indexation of the salaries of provincial civil servants, purchase of vehicles and other expenses. Prohibition does not apply to measures “may decrees” that will save in a year about 600 million roubles from the budget.

Also to optimize the deficit, in 2015, the region replaced the 6.2 billion “expensive” more profitable commercial loans budget loans from the fed and reduced the cost of servicing their debt at 738 million rubles. 2016 the allocation of the edge another 5 billion roubles for the substitution of commercial loans budget.

As previously reported, the budget of Stavropol for 2016 was adopted by the regional Duma on revenues 74,1 billion, expenditures to 79.1 billion rubles.