The head of the Sakhalin and Kuril Islands proposes to establish in the far Eastern Federal district the production of seaweed

YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK, 18 February. /Corr. Irina Baibarza/. The Governor of the Sakhalin region Oleg Kozhemyako proposes to establish in the far East the extraction and processing of kelp (seaweed). He said this on Thursday at a report session of the far Eastern fishery research organizations of the Association “NTO TINRO”.

“We are ready to support production of our raw material (laminaria) even in the other subject of the Russian Federation. We can offer financial resources for the implementation of such projects, if only the result was useful and in demand,” the Governor said. “Today in education, health, social protection are the purchase of medicines and vitamins into the billions of roubles. Some of them can be replaced by local products,” he added.

According to him, currently the far East is the last place on the use of gidrobiontov, in particular kelp. “Not from the point of view of scientific development, but in terms of usage, marketing, promotion, implementation in the health care system. All of our cosmetic companies buy raw materials in France, although we have a resource the entire Eastern coast – from Kamchatka to Primorye,” – said Kozhemyako. “Kelp is simple and in mining and in manufacturing. And these basic things are not produced in industrial volume,” he said.

The Governor also added that on Sakhalin it is possible to adjust and manufacture of capsules of fish oil from local raw materials, to certify a product and put it in the Russian regions.

Earlier it was reported that the world’s largest reserves of algae in the far East are used very poorly (3% of development) and are the most significant unused by the far Eastern biological resources-fisheries – about 200 thousand tons While imports have been increasing algal products from neighbouring countries, made from raw materials, equal in quality to the far East.