The media learned about the failure of the GLONASS satellites

One of the Russian satellites of the GLONASS system is out of order. About this TASS said a source in the rocket and space industry. He said that it is with spacecraft No. 738. According to the interlocutor of Agency, the satellite is out of order due to mechanical damage.

“On Thursday [18 February] the Commission Roscosmos must take a decision on its withdrawal from the system,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, in place of the damaged satellites will be transferred to the unit No. 736, this was expected to happen in early March. “In place of the 736-th of the device is satellite — orbit reserve spacecraft “GLONASS – K” No. 702″, — he explained.

It is noted that the failure with the satellite had occurred a few weeks before the planned transfer of the GLONASS system into operation the Ministry of defence. Earlier it was reported that the transfer should take place before the end of February.

GLONASS is the Russian global navigation satellite system, similar to GPS. Now in the orbital grouping of the GLONASS consists of 28 satellites, of which 22 are used for the intended purpose. Three units were temporarily withdrawn for maintenance, one satellite is at the stage of commissioning and expected to begin work in early March. Another model is on the study of the chief designer, and one passes the flight test stage.

Initially, the GLONASS system was to be commissioned in the Ministry of defense in 2012, but the defense Ministry has any comments to the system, in particular to the manufacture of parts and fitting of ground facilities equipment.

In early December 2015, the Director of “Russian space systems” (RKS) Andrey Tyulin said that the work on creation of the GLONASS system was completed and transferred to the Ministry of defence for the final test.