“The Russian capital” will create construction holding company of the assets of the SU-155

The new holding company

“Russian capital” creates holding which will be transferred all the key assets of the SU-155, has told the Vice-President of Bank Vladimir Votes. The Bank has already set up several companies to get development projects SU-155, he added. According to SPARC, in December 2015 was registered LLC “Kazakhstan invest”, which is 99.99% owned by “Russian capital”, the profile of its activity — kapvlozhenija in securities. In turn, “Kazakhstan invest” is the 100% owner of LLC “RK real Estate”, established on 30 December 2015; also among his “daughters” — open company “RK Asset” and open company “RK Project”, registered by the beginning of 2016.

“The Russian capital” subsequently will be owned by at least 75% of the holding company, has added Votes. Will the co-owner of the new structures is the founder of SU-155 Mikhail Balakin, is unclear, says Voters.

According to him, “the Russian capital” has also reached agreement with shareholders SU-155, including Balakina, on transfer to the Bank all non-core assets — industrial and land. If the money from the sale of these assets is not enough to meet obligations to shareholders, the current shareholders of the SU-155 will lose the right to receive shares in the new entities.

The process of creating a new holding company will take 3-4 months, tells Voters: “you Have to understand that all companies SU-155 burdened with debt, so the real value of the holding company will not. But he needed to centralize the management”.

The scheme of transfer of assets he described, noting that it “will be different” — not necessarily through agreement for sale and purchase.

The office of SU-155 has already essentially moved to “Russian capital”, said the representative of the Secretariat first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. “The first Vice Prime Minister, the main task is to execute the schedule of 2016 for construction and to provide people with housing, he said. — Will the “Russian capital” to create a separate company for the assets of the SU-155 is the solution of our colleagues from the Ministry of construction and “the Russian capital””.

“The task of the Ministry is to control the completion of the houses, and the way in which “the Russian capital” will dispose of the assets of the SU-155 to perform tasks to ensure the residents of the apartments, is an internal matter of the Bank”, — said the representative of the Ministry of construction.

In SU-155 has refused comments, having advised to address in “the Russian capital”.

Scheme of rehabilitation of

The debt SU-155, was once the largest Builder of habitation in Russia in mid-2015 close to 30 billion rubles in addition to obligations to shareholders and unitholders, SU-155 has debts to the banks. In September 2015, the press service of the company claimed that the total debt declined to 17.6 billion rubles through the sale of non-core assets. To pay, the company needs to continue construction, but works on many sites were stopped.

The decision that funding for completion of projects SU-155 must make a “Russian capital”, was taken in December at a meeting with Shuvalov. Scheme of rehabilitation of the developer was matched to the beginning of 2016 to build housing as a General contractor will be SU-151, led by Balakin and group BIN family Gutseriev and Mikail shishhanov watch the expenditure of the money. Company “arc de Triomphe”, the structure of Bina, will be the recipient of funds for the completion of — purchase materials, wages, etc.; it enters into a contract with SU-151.

In the BIN group declined to comment.

“The Russian capital” it is necessary to allocate 39 billion rubles to complete the construction of 155 residential houses in different regions of Russia. Partially funds will be attracted by the acquiring Bank or its structures of vacant units in unfinished buildings, partly on account of the assets of the SU-155. For the completion of problematic objects captured in the first place in the chart of construction of the object 63 in 11 regions, in which it sold 16,1 thousand apartments, it is necessary to 8.3 billion rubles, said on Monday, February 15, the head of “Russian capital” Mikhail Kuzovlev.

According to him, the scheme involves the bankruptcy of headquarters of JSC “SU-155”. In this case, the “Russian capital” will be able to redeem the objects of the SU-155 and execute all taken our obligations.

At the end of last year came into force new amendments to the law “On bankruptcy”, which change the rules of redemption unfinished, the Builder is bankrupt: now, the organization which purchased the assets, will perform the transferred obligations, told “Vedomosti” one of the authors of the amendments, state Duma Deputy Alexander Khinshtein. He did not conceal that the amendments were developed taking into account the specific situation of SU-155.