The Syrian army seized from rebels the strategic town in Latakia

The Syrian government army on the morning of 18 February occupied the settlement Kisamba — the last major town in Latakia province that was able to keep fighting against Bashar al-Assad to the armed groups.

According to the state news Agency SANA, the soldiers also occupied the ancient fortress, located just North of the city.

Fighting for Kisibo lasted for several days. On the eve of the Iranian Fars Agency reported with reference to sources in the government army reported that Assad troops have managed to cut down the supply lines in the area, six kilometres closer to the border with Turkey.

Reuters reports that Koncaba was taken with the support of the Russian aircraft, which attacked from the air. The Agency calls this town is strategically important for further advance of the Syrian army and the Iranian militias.

Previously, the Agency SANA pointed out that the occupation of the area Sensibly creates the preconditions for an attack on a major city of Jisr al-Shughour in Idlib province, located at the crossroads of several strategic roads.

The offensive of the government army in Latakia province began after the air strikes on the positions of terrorist groups in the area began to cause the aircraft of the Russian space forces. As a result, the supporters of Bashar al-Assad managed to occupy a number of cities seized by militants in 2013-2015.

Currently a large part of Idlib province is under control “dzhebhat EN Nusra” (banned in Russia terrorist group) and other extremist organizations advocating the overthrow of President Assad.