The Turkish Prime Minister has accused Syrian Kurds in the attack in Ankara

According to the head of the Turkish government, the explosion was carried out by members of the “popular defense Units” (YPG) – military wing of the Democratic Union of Kurdistan, which is active in Northern Syria, reports Reuters

As reported by CNN Turk, Davutoglu said that, in preparing the bomb, the OCE worked together with the Kurdish separatists operating in the South-East of the country.

According to Davutoglu, in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, the jets from the Turkish air force attacked PKK positions in Northern Iraq. The Turkish Prime Minister stated that the RAID had killed 60 militants, including several high-ranking members of the organization.

Davutoglu also spoke about the arrest of nine people in the Wake of the terrorist attack in Ankara, without providing any details.

Previously, Pro-government Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak reported that a suicide bomber blowing himself in Ankara, was identified as Salih Neher, who was considered a refugee from Syria. His fingerprints were taken when he arrived in the country.

The explosion of the car at which wheel there was a suicide bomber, in Ankara, 28 people died and over 60 were injured. In the evening, a Reuters source suggested that the attack could be the PKK.

No organization took responsibility for the attack in Ankara. Interlocutor Reuters PKK stated that she did not know who committed the attack but speculated that it was revenge for the cruel actions of the Turkish authorities in Kurdistan.