Ukrainians began to actively buy Russian cars

KIEV, February 18. Trading house Ukravtovaz, which is the distributor of Lada cars in Ukraine, by the end of 2015 achieved a net profit of 19.8 million ($760 thousand) against 6 million ($230 thousand) net loss in 2014.

According to the report of Ukravtovaz, the receivables of the company decreased by 35 percent to 18 million ($690 thousand), long – term liabilities- doubled, to $ 23.2 million ($890 thousand) and current liabilities increased by 63 per cent to 40.5 million hryvnia (more than $1.55 million).

Joint-stock company Ukravtovaz works at the market of Ukraine since 1995. The main activity of the company is the supply of Lada cars of production of JSC AVTOVAZ (Togliatti) and original spare parts for Lada.