Ulyukayev: the total cost of the plan to support the economy in 2016 may reach 880 billion rubles.

MOSCOW, February 18. The total cost of activities in support of the Russian economy in 2016 may reach 880 billion rubles, the costs are already accounted for in the budget. This was announced at a government meeting Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev.

“Overall the number of activities that are assumed to be, financial is worth about 880 billion rubles of these funds accounted for in the current law on the Federal budget and there can only be a reformation”, the Minister said, adding that further suggest about 38 billion rubles in the form of guarantees, to 39.8 billion rubles from the NWF will be needed to support transport engineering – acquisition for the Railways rolling stock.

The maximum size of dopsredstv will amount to 250 billion rubles

According to the Minister of economic development, limits on the funds of the support plan for the economy will amount to 250 billion rubles at the expense of the so-called anti-crisis Fund of the government (funds frozen pension savings) and residues received in the current year’s budget from the previous budget.

“We agreed, Dmitry Anatolievich (Medvedev – Prime Minister of the Russian Federation – approx. ed.), do you have that the maximum size of these funds is 250 billion rubles. Probably, there are opportunities in the preparation of draft amendments to the law on the budget to find additional funds. We studied the possibility of obtaining additional revenue,” he said. The speaker stressed that it is important to set priorities in the list of operational support measures.

Continuation of the program of preferential mortgage

Alexei Ulyukayev also said that the support of the Russian economy in 2016, includes the continuation of the program of preferential mortgage.

“The continuation of the program of support of mortgage housing crediting, subsidising of interest rates on the mortgage, which this year will be able to support the housing market, and will allow us to reduce the volume of housing construction,” he said, speaking about the programs included in the plan to support the economy.

9 February it became known that the Ministry of construction the Russian Federation made a proposal to extend a programme of subsidies of the mortgage after March 2016 as part of the project plan to support the economy (which read). The limit for funding outlined in the draft plan, is 16.5 billion rubles. the Amount and source of funding will be determined in the course of budget execution.

Earlier at the Congress of the party “United Russia” Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has proposed to extend the subsidy program mortgage rates. The Minister of construction and housing Mikhail Men have repeatedly advocated the extension of the programme.

Some measures are not taken into account

According to Alexey Ulyukayev, the plan to support the economy in 2016 was prepared in the conditions of hard budget constraints, this measure was not included in this document.

“We work under very tight budget constraints. In this regard, a large number of measures that are useful in socio-economic terms, but not caused by the current change in the situation, and are just problems regular budgeting of various government programs, unfortunately, are unable to be accounted for in the plan,” Ulyukayev said.

The MAYOR asks the government to extend until February 29, the period of preparation of the plan of support of economy – Ulyukayev.