“Vkontakte” accused the Association of copyright protection in pressure through the court

“Vkontakte” accused the Association of copyright protection in pressure through the court

ST. PETERSBURG, February 18. /Corr. Roman Podervyansky/. Social network “Vkontakte” considers the legal claims of the Association for the protection of copyright on the Internet (ISAPI) as an attempt to strengthen its position in the negotiations. This assessment of the correspondent of TASS was provided in the press-service of the company. Previously, ATAPI announced his intention to sue the administration of the social network.

“We are extremely surprised that only started a dialogue on potential collaboration such a sudden turned into judicial claims. The real purpose of the plaintiff, in our understanding, is not the protection of their rights, and pressure on the “Vkontakte” with the purpose of strengthening their own positions in the negotiations”, – said the head of the press service of the social network Yevhen Krasnikov.

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The management of the social network believes that to help the development of the legal content market in Russia it’s a dialogue about the models and ways of monetization of content for copyright holders. Examples of such dialogue – dispute resolution with the Federal TV channels in the format of “proactive negotiation”, as well as settlement agreements for music content from Sony Music (July last year) and with the Studio “Union” (in this month).

“Our previous experience shows that it (judicial complaints – approx.) – put a dead-end. All previously done work for the legalization of the content at the site of the social network was a logical continuation of open dialogue about models and ways of monetization for copyright holders, as evidenced by a series of signed treaties and international agreements”, said Krasniqi.

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ASAPI about content

According to the website of ISAPI, the Moscow city court on 16 February upheld her statement about blocking access to the book by Zakhar Prilepin “Abode” in “Vkontakte”. But, according to the Association, it remained available for download at the same address. “And such on this site happens regularly”, – insist in the Association.

ATAPI announced his intention to sue the administration of the social network, which, according to representatives of the plaintiff, “should not allow users to re-post that content, which had already received a claim.”

“The site when you download files or to require the user to present documents confirming his right to upload content, or if users guarantee the validity of the content and see themselves as rights holders, to distribute them to the requirements of the administration of VK to the right holders, thus putting them in equal conditions,” according to ATAPI.

The Association also puts forward proposals for the amendment of the order relating to the rights of users to post content to social networks. It is proposed to block this opportunity to “repeatedly found in violation of intellectual property rights” and not block their accounts. “Discredited the user shall not have the right to download the content”, – noted in the Association.

The claim about the status of the mediator

Also in ASAPI insist that the agreement with an unidentified person “cannot provide for” the administration of the social network status information intermediary. “Information intermediary may not be recognized by the network, which is not able to provide information about the owner of the account”, – believe in the Association.

“This is why ISAPI and appealed to the Moscow city court. We want the court obliged the administration of VK to limit re-posting of the content on their own, without additional direct claims by right holders,” explained the Association.

The purpose of ASAPI how insist, is “not to block “Vkontakte”, and to stop violations and to require the administration to develop and promulgate clear and explicit rules for all owners. And, of course, to observe them”.

VKontakte is the largest European social network with more than 300 million registered accounts. Every month, according to statistics from the company come to the site more than 86 million users. In 2015 “Vkontakte” has become the undisputed leader in terms of traffic among social networks in the Russian segment of the Internet.