At Sheremetyevo on suspicion of espionage detained the citizen of Estonia

Russian security services have arrested on suspicion in espionage the citizen of Estonia Raivo Susi. On Friday, February 19, reported “Interfax” the lawyer of the Estonian Anatoly Tolpegin.

According to him, the Sushi was detained in the transit zone of Sheremetyevo airport on 11 February. After that, he was asked to go to the Lubyanka, and the next day, Sushi by the decision of the Lefortovo court of Moscow arrested for two months.

Sushi charged with espionage under article 276 of the criminal code, the lawyer added. In his words, “an event that connected with his charge, took place in 2004-2007”.

Now he is in jail Lefortovo. Investigative measures are not carried out, the defence appealed the arrest, but the date of the complaint is not appointed yet, said Tolpegin.

According to him, the Sushi is not otkazyvaetsya from testifying, but believes that “the claims against him in connection with the act which he had committed, but for political and diplomatic reasons”.

The comment of the Russian special services, “Interfax” does not have.

Estonian businessman named Raivo Susi in 2001, wrote Delfi. The publication called him a businessman involved in the transfer of aircraft from Russia to the West. According to information Delfi, in the mid-1990s, Sushi was arrested on suspicion of smuggling, besides, he was interested customs officers, border guards, tax Inspectorate and other departments, but the criminal case against Sushi it was finally closed.