British victims of air strikes in Syria are just seven militants IGIL

As a result, British Aidarov on Syria were killed or wounded only seven members of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (is or ISIL, the operations in Russia banned by a court decision), writes The Times of reference to information of the Ministry of defense of the country.

The publication notes that none of these terrorists was not amazed with the help of high-tech missiles of a class “earth-air” Brimstone, which is the Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron promised to use to destroy the leadership of ISIL, when he convinced Parliament to authorize military action in Syria.

Approval was received on 2 December after a ten-hour debate, and after about a few hours were struck the first blows. Prior to that, Britain in the international coalition took part in the bombing of the positions of the ISIL only in Iraq.

Sources in The Times of the British defense Ministry warned that estimates of losses of terrorists are preliminary, because it is difficult to certify the results of the airstrikes. According to interlocutors of the edition, the main objectives were the military and economic infrastructure of ISIS. They explained that the military had few opportunities to strike at militants, not risking civilian casualties.

Since August 2014, the international coalition have carried out more than 10 thousand strikes on ISIS positions in Iraq and Syria, reported on 4 February, the American TV channel Fox News.

Russian VKS made on December 15, more than 4.2 thousand departures in the period from September 30, was declared by the chief of the main operations Directorate of the General staff Sergey rudskoy, according to which from the beginning of the military operation destroyed more than 1,2 thousand of trucks for transportation of oil and oil products.

According to the latest data, which led Tuesday the defense Ministry spokesman major General Igor Konashenkov, a week from 10 to 16 February, Russian aviation has carried out in Syria 444 sorties, during which were struck 1593 objects of ISIS.

At the beginning of February the number of fighters of the Islamic state was assessed by U.S. intelligence in 20 thousand to 25 thousand people, reported the edition of USA Today. A year ago the number, according to a senior representative of the US authorities, ranged from 19 thousand to 31 thousand people, the newspaper notes.