Currency food brought to the office of VTB24 pork kidneys

Currency food brought to the office of VTB24 pork kidneys

Currency food brought pork kidneys in office VTB24 on Forest Avenue in St. Petersburg. About it reports the local edition “Fontanka”. The campaign was conceived after an employee of the Bank, according to one of the borrowers, allegedly advised to pay out increased two to three times the loan by selling a kidney.

According to “Rosbalt”, the action was attended by about 15 people. Currency borrowers explained that they receive calls every week from employees of the Bank and need to repay the debt.

In the photographs, which publishes the Agency, shows how the participants put the buds in plastic bags on the tables of the employees. In addition, the food brought a poster showing the human body in perspective, as well as signed the price of some organs — liver, lung, heart and kidney.

During the protests of foreign currency borrowers “Sell a kidney” in the office of the Bank VTB24 Photo: Mikhail Metzel/TASS

In an interview with RSN, the event organizer Elena Spivak reported that the packages were not only kidneys but also the liver. She said that it was “a protest against the collectors,” which called for some borrowers.

According to “Fontanka”, the activists did not take the building by storm, and just went inside the building. After that place the police were called. Militiamen asked the food to roll up their banners and leave the office. The flash mob participants, the demands were subordinated to, detention by the results of the action was not.

According to the staff Bank office, the action was attended by about 40 people. As told “Fontanka” representative of Bank Ivan Makarov, going to the office, the food immediately begun to put on office tables products.

After the arrival of the police and negotiations with the Director of the office of the flash mob participants left the Bank, however, continued the action on the street.

Another action today, the exchange of food took place in Moscow. They gathered near the office of “DeltaCredit” in the business center “White square” and during the flash mob attached to the doors of banking institutions panties with the inscription “Last. $About$”.

The protest currency borrowers “Deltakredit” in Moscow Photo: Oleg Yaroshchuk for


At the venue of the action, the police were called.