Daughter Nazarbayev urged citizens “not be greedy” when paying taxes

Vice-Premier of the government of Kazakhstan and the eldest daughter of Kazakhstan’s President Dariga Nazarbayeva has called citizens “not be greedy” and “to share” in taxes. She said this at a meeting in the Ministry of health, reports Reuters.

She noted that the state “closed to it [tax evasion] eyes, because the people themselves become self-provide employment, wages.” “We have very liberal tax policy. So I want to say that it is necessary to have conscience, we must not be greedy, you have to share. Pay taxes and sleep well, as our President says”, — said Nazarbayev.

She called unjust that employed in the informal sector receive free medical care, free education for children and “claiming social security, old age pension without paying a penny to the state budget, to the common Treasury with you, us.” Deputy Prime Minister estimated the number of workers in the informal economy at 2.7 million, which, according to calculations by Reuters, more than 30% of the total economically active population of 8.9 million people.

At the end of January the President of Kazakhstan at the Congress of the ruling party “Nur Otan” called billionaires and millionaires of the country who “flaunt” on the pages of Forbes, to invest in the national economy and not offshore. “We raised many wealthy people — billionaires, millionaires. Flaunt photos in Forbes. Look beautiful, all painted, powdered, well-dressed. But all this money you allowed to earn Kazakhstan — the nation state. So let’s invest here. All offshore — all this nonsense”, — said Nazarbayev.

“Bring the money here. We’ll forgive you. Primary privatization, the primary savings were never absolutely pure, transparent. There were all sorts. So it was in the world. So we forgive,” — said Nazarbayev. “If you abroad have a house, legalize it so we knew about it. Then you were not looking for and dragged law enforcement agencies”, — he added.

In August last year, Kazakhstan has moved to a floating exchange rate. On the same day, the official rate of the national currency fell by 35%, from 255 to 188 tenge per dollar. In early November, Nazarbayev sacked the head of the national Bank Kairat Kelimbetov, saying unacceptable fall in levels of confidence in the domestic currency. A few days after this, the official dollar exchange rate has passed for 300 tenge, and on January 22, reached a historical maximum in 389,9 tenge per dollar.

At the same time Nazarbayev at the Congress of “Nur Otan” called to forget about the dollar. “We are an important country in tenge and not the dollar. Let’s stop, take a deep breath, like yoga, and forget about the dollar. We live in tenge in Kazakhstan, we buy for tenge, we calculated tenge,” he said.

Dariga Nazarbayeva, was appointed Deputy Prime Minister in September 2015.