Donald trump entered public dispute with the Pope about religion

Pope Francis rebuked the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump that he behaves “unchristian”. So the Pope commented on the statement by trump, who promised in case of election on a post of the head of state to build a wall between USA and Mexico, so as not to let the country of illegal migrants.

“The man who thinks only about building walls wherever possible, instead of building bridges, does not behave in a Christian way” — leads Reuters words of the Pope, what he said at the end of the visit to Mexico.

Trump himself has already commented on the statements of the Pope. “If the Vatican suddenly attacked by ISIL (the organization is recognized as prohibited in Russia), and everyone knows that this is their main goal, the Pope will pray that Donald trump was the President”, — quotes Agency the statement of the trump.

He also said that such statements to the religious leader are “shameful”. “I am proud that I am a Christian, and as President I will not allow Christianity has been attacked,” he said. “No leader, especially a religious, must not question the religion or faith of another person”, he concluded.