In the US case about the falsification of Mercedes emissions data

In the US case about the falsification of Mercedes emissions data

NEW YORK, February 19. In the US case about the falsification of German concern Mercedes-Benz (“Mercedes-Benz”) on emissions of diesel engines equipped with BlueTEC technology (the”blue-tech”). The suit was filed by law firm Hagens Berman (“Berman Hagens”) on Thursday in the district court of the state of new Jersey.

“Hagens Berman has filed a lawsuit against Mercedes, which claims that the automaker has deliberately set up the cars with clean diesel engines so that they emit dangerous levels of nitrogen oxide, 65 times higher than the norms for the protection of the environment at temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit”, – stated in the message of lawyers.

The lawsuit alleges that the manufacturer has specified false data on emissions for 14 models of cars with diesel engines with BlueTEC technology.

Case Volkswagen

The issue of compliance of diesel engines with environmental standards has become widely publicized after the cars of the German Volkswagen group (“Volkswagen”) was discovered software that allows you to bypass strict ecological standards of the USA.

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We are talking about the device that includes the full capacity of the exhaust system only during appropriate inspection machine. During normal car operation, the system is partially disabled. Thus, during the test is not fixed, for example, the level of nitrogen dioxide emissions, which can cause asthma attacks and other respiratory diseases.

In connection with the incident, the head of the concern Martin Winterkorn resigned from his post, and German prosecutors launched an investigation into his activities. In addition, in respect of the auto giant have been initiated in several countries in Europe and Asia.