Medvedev supported amendments to the state program for mineral resource base

SAROV, February 19. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev believes that it is possible to make certain changes in the state program on reproduction of mineral-raw material base in connection with the implementation of the project “Geoplatform” for import substitution of software for prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbons.

“Let’s fix the list of Protocol solutions that are now extras. I agree, it can be done, including at the expense of the program on reproduction of mineral-raw material base,” Medvedev said at a meeting on the Russian information and supercomputer technologies.

As explained by General Director of “Rosgeologiya” Roman Panov, in Russia there are actually no alternatives to developing your own primary code of the software, “although the full architecture of complex software modern Russian manufacturers and service companies can build”.

Panov noted that the state program on reproduction of mineral-raw material base does not provide for activities associated with research and development. Therefore it is necessary to adjust the state program.

Speaking about the necessity of realization of the project “Geoplatform”, Panov said that the complex conjuncture of prices for hydrocarbons dictates fairly stringent requirements and software here is one of the key factors. He said that 90% of software on the Russian market there are foreign producers, primarily of U.S. companies. In this connection, you need to develop your own primary code for this software, because although foreign companies and enter into cooperation, but the information associated with the code not provide. 0мл.