Mikhalkov explained his words about Gorbachev “false expectations”

Director Nikita Mikhalkov explained his words about the first President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev disappointment because of disappointed hopes. “The disappointment is in itself a sad thing, but when the disappointment related to false expectations of the vast country and great people, not as a tragedy, I can’t,” said he TASS.

According to Mikhalkov, the answer to Gorbachev at his word “is puzzling and sad.” “I don’t even mean extremely confusing sense they are told, but speaking on the merits, it’s very sad that the first President of the Soviet Union considered crazy by those who, while living in the country, has its own point of view on the past, present and future of Russia, and Express their civic position, not trying to hide behind amorphous lethargy and cowardice, which are justified by the words “political correctness” and “tolerance,” the Director said.

He said that I will never forget “the great hopes and the sincere enthusiasm that are experienced when listening to the speech of President Gorbachev at the UN, he spoke without paper”. Mikhalkov added that “this speech is for all of us was a new, yet unknown step in a happy future”. The Director stressed that in an interview he was asked, in response to which he made his position — the position of a Russian citizen. “And if you read carefully my interview, then it’s fine read,” said Mikhalkov.

February 19, Interfax published an interview in Mikhalkov, in which the Director, in particular, stated that the policy of Gorbachev and Russian President Boris Yeltsin led to the collapse of the USSR and should be recognized as criminal at the state level. “They committed a real crime. Wishing or not, guided by ambition-not ambition, not about it now speech. Their accomplishments led to the collapse of our country! And this is the greatest geopolitical catastrophe for the century”, he said.

Gorbachev, commenting on the statement, urged the Director not to get into politics, and to do cinema. “Do your business, he always claim this: the king’s exit. This will not happen. As for politics, he has big claims and ambitions, and it hurts. It has its own sphere, and it is important that we should appreciate his talent. In politics he don’t need to get involved,” he said.

Later first President of the USSR in the comment “RIA Novosti” reported that Mikhalkov apologized to him. “I already called a lot of people, including two times Nikita Mikhalkov called. Nothing to say, it’s not worth commenting on. Nikita apologized,” said he. Later, however, that Gorbachev rang, not once, said the wag Alexey Stolyarov (Lexus) . “I said my name is Nikita Mikhalkov, asked him not to take offense at those statements and said that, in General, it is better to meet, talk and reconcile. He is ready. The only thing he doesn’t want Mikhalkov on your birthday to see you and doesn’t want him about him film me when I suggested it,” said Stolyarov.

In his next comments to “RIA Novosti” Gorbachev said, that is to say, whether he called it a bird or not.