Moscow region authorities have opposed development projects in New Moscow

Why the field against

The Moscow region is not ready to approve the new General plan of Moscow in the part annexed territories in its current wording, to the letter of Deputy Chairman of the government of Moscow region Herman Alenushkina the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev, posted 19 January 2016 (a copy of the letter).

“Construction in the upper reaches of the Moscow river to “new town” with a population of one hundred thousandth in the context of transport isolation will be a major urban planning mistake”, writes Elyanyushkin.

Claims regional officials associated with the development of the whole territory of New Moscow (see reference). But they are especially concerned about the development of one of the “spots” attached to the capital of the enclave “Rublevo-Uspenskoe”, formed from parts of Ershovsky and Uspensky rural settlement of the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region.

The claim of the Moscow region government to the development of the territory of New Moscow

1. The new version of the city’s master Plan does not imply a placement in the New Moscow of objects of Federal significance (the legislative and Executive authorities of the Russian Federation, representative offices of foreign States, etc). Although it is, in the opinion, the Moscow region, was a priority for the expansion of Moscow.

2. Local residents unhappy with the project construction of 7.7 million square meters of real estate on the territory of Ershovsky assumption and settlement of the Odintsovo district (the Moscow enclave “Rublevo-Uspenskoe”). First, will be built buildings up to 8 floors, though around low-rise buildings. Secondly, the development of the transport and maintenance of these settlements is not provided in the General Plan. The planned intensity of traffic is 4-5 times the throughput of existing highways that “will lead to a transport collapse” in the Western part of the region.

3. The configuration of the boundaries of the enclave “Rublevo-Uspenskoe” around settlements of Moscow suburbs a total area of over 600 hectares complicates the management of these territories: these settlements have to include in the other municipalities of the region, that is, the inhabitants must change their place of residence, to re-execute the real estate documents, etc. the implementation of the new master Plan “will create an additional burden on the social infrastructure”.

4. Construction of the enclave “Rublevo-Uspenskoe” will limit the possibilities of development of agroindustrial complex of Moscow region, in particular meat and dairy farming, and would have a negative impact on the environment. Will be “disturbed aquifers soil swampy area”, under the threat of extinction will be “several dozen species of animals and several hundred species of plants”.

5. There are cases of littering enclave territory. Maybe the damage is “unique cultural and historical object”: in these places was the line of defence in 1941, the remains of many soldiers are still under the ground. The government of Moscow “because of the remoteness” from a given territory “unable to provide” improvements.

Source: letter from the Deputy Chairman of Moscow region government Hermann Alenushkina the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev on January 19, 2016; the letter from the head of Odintsovo district Andrey Ivanov, mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin on 24 December 2015.

The letter States that the government of Moscow region has received a negative opinion on the new master Plan from the local governments of rural settlements Ershovskoe, Uspenskoe, Gorskoe (Odintsovo district), the Ilyinskoye (Krasnogorsky district) and the urban district of Zvenigorod.

In a press-service of the Moscow construction complex and in the press service of the Ministry of economic development confirmed the authenticity of the letter.

The representative of the construction complex noted that the letter cannot be considered as final feedback on the master Plan, coordination term which will expire on 6 March 2016.

Why change the master Plan

The current master Plan of Moscow adopted in 2010. On it until 2025 the capital was to build 240 million square meters of real estate. But in connection with the annexation of new territories (see reference) the master Plan has lost its relevance.

According to Federal law No. 191-FZ “About introduction in action of the town-planning code of the Russian Federation”, if before July 1, 2016, Moscow will not accept the new master Plan, it will not be able to develop new territories, approve major construction projects. “Practically, this means stopping all new construction projects in New Moscow”, — says Deputy head of the GAU “NIiPI Gradplan of the city of Moscow” Oleg Baevsky.

In accordance with the requirements of the town planning code of the Russian Federation, change of General plan of Moscow should be coordinated with the Federal authorities and authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation, bordering the Moscow. The representative of the Ministry explained that the approval of the General Plan and preparation of a summary of the conclusions of the Ministry as an authorized body in the field of spatial planning (so Alenushkin and turned to Ulyukayev).

“Comments the Moscow region aimed at the government of Moscow last week, said the representative of the press service of the Ministry of economic development. — For the preparation of a consolidated conclusion it is necessary to conduct the conciliation meeting as comments are presented not only in Moscow region”. Anyone else have any comments, she did not specify.

The representative of the Moscow architectural Committee was assured that the project of General plan of Moscow will be reviewed “taking into account the views of residents Rublevo-Uspensky”. Following the meeting, town-planning-land Commission of Moscow on December 24 2015 have already been advised to cancel the construction of medium-rise houses. Also the Commission took into account the request of the inhabitants of the area about the decrease in construction volumes.

As expanded Moscow

1 July 2012 the boundaries of Moscow were expanded to 148 thousand hectares at the expense of joining of new territories in the southwest suburbs. Thus, the capital received two city districts — Troitsk and Shcherbinka and 19 urban and rural settlements, the part of territory of Odintsovo and Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region. The expansion of the boundaries of the capital has increased almost 2.4 times.

Along with a holistic municipal formations of Moscow and were joined by three “spots” — enclave: “SKOLKOVO” (the part of territory of Odintsovo municipal district of the Moscow region adjacent to the MKAD), “Rublevo-Arkhangelsk” (part of the territory of the Krasnogorsk municipal district of Moscow region, adjacent to MKAD), “Rublevo-Uspensky” (part of the territory of two settlements Odintsovsky district, Moscow region, remote from the ring road 20 km).

Configure these three sites, as the newspaper “Vedomosti”, was “top-down” — from the presidential administration. Neither with Moscow nor the Moscow region authorities, these issues were not discussed, told “Vedomosti” one of the former officials of Moscow region. The inclusion of Moscow lands of the savings Bank in “Rublevo-Arkhangelsk” lobbied the President of Bank Herman Gref, said the publication of Moscow and Federal officials. Then they discussed the construction in that area about 3 million square meters, including the back office of the Bank and — perhaps — the Federal financial center. In 2014, the draft was revised in the direction of construction of housing, and in 2015 it became known that Sberbank plans to set the project up for sale.

The idea to include the enclave “SKOLKOVO” in the Moscow originated with first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, wrote “Vedomosti” citing a source in Moscomarchitecture. Company Mostotrest, among the shareholders of which is Arkady Rotenberg, has received contracts for construction of roads to the area. Itself the SKOLKOVO innovation city, according to plans, was to occupy 389 ha, and in Moscow included 618 ha. On the remaining land Golf club (78 ha) and office-residential complex “SKOLKOVO Park” (34 ha), which built the Millhouse of Roman Abramovich.

On the territory of New Moscow in the Khoroshevo-Mnevniki is planned the construction of the parliamentary centre for the state Duma and the Federation Council. The size of the complex should be 345 thousand sq. m. As written in the beginning of February, construction of the parliamentary center, which was scheduled to begin last year, has been postponed: now is not the best economic situation for large-scale construction, say MPs. In addition, they are unable to decide how it should look like a building.

Who is building in the enclave “Rublevo-Uspenskoe”

The main owners of territories in the enclave “Rublevo-Uspenskoe”, which is particularly dissatisfied with the Moscow authorities of JSC “Moscow stud farm № 1” (1,2 thousand hectares, 38.9% of the total area), JSC “Agrocomplex Gorki-2” (625 ha to 21.3%) and owners of closed mutual real estate investment trust (cuit) “Exelent” (to 621.4 ha to 21.2%).

The stud farm is owned by the owner of the holding “Akron” Vyacheslav Kantor, “Gorki-2” — the former shareholders of “Wimm-bill-Dann” David Yakobashvili and Gavrilo Jushvaeva, “Exeland” structures VTB, reported the portal “real Estate” in December 2015 with reference to the presentation prepared by moskomarhitektura and NIiPI General Plan of Moscow.

In these areas the planned building site area of 2.9 thousand hectares, there may be residential complexes per 100 thousand inhabitants. In the presentation of the building “Rublevo-Uspenskiy” was presented with three options for the development of these territories: the base project and the projects of Akron and NIiPI General Plan of Moscow.

The basic scenario involves the development of approximately 40% of these territories, another 20% will be given for cottage building, the rest is not subject to development. The site is a construction from 2.5 to 8 million square metres of property. Only in Nikolina Mountains it is planned to construct about 3 million square meters of housing, while the remaining area will be for commercial real estate, including rental housing, business, art and media centers, workshops, and exhibition halls. The cost of the project may be more than 200 billion rubles, and the payback period is 8-10 years.

“Moscow stud farm № 1” is not planned in these areas large-scale construction projects, told “Vedomosti” familiar Vyacheslav Kantor. In a press-service “Akron” did not comment on this issue.

Top-managers VTB has previously announced that “Exelent” were made of earth, obtained from United industrial Corporation (UIC) owned by former Senator and founder of Mezhprombank Sergey Pugachev. Even before the 2008 crisis, the defence industry has laid VTB about 1.2 hectares on Rublevo-Uspensky highway, took a loan of $2.4 billion In this area, the company planned to build 1 million square meters of real estate, including elite settlement “Gribanovo”. But in 2009 was forced to give the Bank the mortgaged plots. In a press-service VTB has not responded to a query about the future of this land.

David Yakobashvili could not answer, in what stage is the project in the enclave “Rublevo-Uspensky”.