Putin proposed to introduce an oath for officials

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin proposed to consider the introduction of an oath for civil servants. This issue will deal with the administration of the head of state, according to the instructions following meeting of the Council for countering corruption.

Proposal to Putin on this issue should be submitted by April 1. A responsible head of state appointed head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov.

As follows from the list of orders, for the violation of the oath of the officials are encouraged to involve in administrative responsibility.

Following the meeting, Putin also instructed to inform the persons occupying the state posts, posts of the Federal civil service and in state-owned corporations about the need for timely reporting on the emergence of “personal interest in the performance of official duties that results or may result in a conflict of interest.” The President also instructed to provide these officials with assistance in the preparation of notifications.

Putin also proposed to amend the law relating to the verification of information about income and property that provide municipal employees.

A meeting of the Council on combating corruption was held on 16 February. Participation in the meeting was attended, in particular, the President of the Supreme court Vyacheslav Lebedev. Then he said that in Russia slowed down growth in the number of sentences for corruption offences. According to him, last year the number of convicts grew by 4-5%, whereas in the previous year, the increase was from 13% to 25%.

Lebedev also said that half of all corruption crimes committed by civil servants and municipal employees. The judge noted that in 57% of cases involved bribes of up to 10 thousand rubles.

In late January, Ivanov proposed to withdraw cases involved bribes up to 10 thousand rubles in a separate criminal offence. He expressed the view that such punishment is “you can be fined or Executive work.” The head of the presidential administration noted: “statistics is inflated and creates a semblance of fight against corruption at very small cases of bribes”.

In June 2015 such a proposal was voiced by the Lebedev. Putin at the meeting requested to discuss the issue and to submit proposals by April 15.

Under the current criminal legislation, the substantial size of the bribe shall be the amount more than 25 thousand rubles., large — exceeding 150 thousand roubles, especially large — more than 1 mln. Other categories of the criminal code does not imply.

At the end of 2015 the Ministry of internal Affairs reported on the reduction of the average sum of a bribe in Russia. to 172,9 thousand rbl. in the Summer of militiamen was estimated in 200 thousand rubles.