“RusHydro” the first of state companies revealed the income of the head for 2015

“RusHydro” the first of state companies revealed the income of the head for 2015

The representative of “RusHydro” explained that the company has disclosed the information in response to assessment of income of the top Manager in the study on the remuneration of top managers and employees of state-owned companies in 2015. According to the information published on the website of RusHydro, Nicholas Shulginov income for 2015 was $ 892 3 043 rubles., and in January 2016 1 017 399 rubles. It is not all income Shulginov, recognise in the company. How much of Nikolay Shulginov received last year at the previous place of work in the “System operator” and from other sources unknown.

A study of assessment of income of the members of the Board of “RusHydro” headed by Nikolai Shulginov was published on 17 February. According to quarterly reports and company estimates , last year every top Manager of the company received an average of 12.2 million rubles a month. This amount was obtained by dividing total compensation of the members of the collegial Executive body for the year (731,5 million rubles) to their average number for the year (5 people). As a result, in average Board member had 146,3 mln, which is twice more than the previous year (72.4 million in 2014). At the time of publication of the study, the representative of the state-owned companies had not responded to the request .

“The Chairman of the Board “RusGidro” will receive much less than 12 million rubles”, — says now the company’s representative, explaining the total amount of remuneration of top managers paid in the third quarter of the premiums those who worked in the company since 2014 and June 2015. The current CEO — Nikolay Shulginov — assumed his post only in September of 2015, he adds.

To Shulginov “RusHydro” Evgeny DoD was headed, but the amount of compensation ex-CEO of the company does not disclose. It is also unknown how many received a former top Manager of the company Mikhail mantra, who left “RusHydro” in the summer of 2015 after the DoD. The income of the remaining members of the Board for 2015 and in January 2016, a company representative refused to comment. In 2016 the management Board of RusHydro again decreased from five to four. In 2014, the Board consisted of 14 top-managers.

Nikolai Shulginov appointed Chairman of the Board and General Director of “RusHydro” on September 15, 2015. His contract is for five years. Top Manager of the year 64, he works in power engineering since 1975. In 2004 he was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Board, and subsequently the first Deputy Chairman of the Board “the System operator of the Unified energy system”.

To Shulginov from November 2009 “RusHydro” Evgeny DoD was headed by, who left his post at his own request. Earlier in June 2014 his powers as head of the company were extended until 1 July 2019, despite criticism from the authorities.

RusHydro is one of the largest energy holdings in Russia. The company has over 70 renewable energy facilities in the country and abroad. The largest shareholder of “RusHydro” — the state (owns 67,12% of the share capital).

According to the results of a study leader for Executive compensation last year again became “Rosneft”: the top managers of the company led by Igor Sechin received an average of almost 312 million rubles, or 26 million rubles a month. It is 43% more than in 2014, but in dollar terms, total payments decreased by 10%. In second place — a top-managers of Sberbank, average monthly income dropped by 7% compared to 2014 year, to 16.2 million rubles, or $265,8 million (a decline of payments in dollar terms amounted to 41%). In third place “Gazprom” with an average monthly income of the head of 13,25 million rubles per month, or $217,7 thousand

In General, the amount of remuneration of top managers included: remuneration for participation in work of management body salaries, bonuses, commissions, benefits, expense reimbursement other types of remuneration. What is meant by “other types of” rewards, companies typically do not disclose and indicate only their monetary equivalent.

Earnings of top managers is one of the most painful issues for state-owned companies. Despite the requirements of the decree of the President annually to publish data on incomes of heads, it makes not any of the “rostochek”. But those who fulfills the obligations, lay out data in April at the earliest, the end of the Declaration campaign. However, in declarations of members of the Board are contained as data on incomes received in the company and income from other sources — fees for the participation in the Board of Directors of other companies, interest on deposits, sums received from the sale of real estate or vehicles, etc.