Russia and Poland have extended the regime of special permits for the passage of trucks

Deputy Minister of infrastructure of Poland, Jerzy Schmidt told reporters on Friday, 19 February that the talks in Moscow that Russia and Poland have agreed to extend until April 15 the transitional period during which cargo transportation between the two countries can be carried out with special permission.

“Yesterday, the experts of Poland and Russia in the next round of talks, spoke of a transition period, discussed the issue of permits for this period and ends on 15 April”, — quotes the words of Schmidt TASS.

Until 15 February, the carriers of both countries could return to the country of registration of the carrier under the old permits. From February 16, Tuesday-day cargo autosabina completely stopped.

In previous rounds of talks, Moscow and Warsaw have failed to agree on quotas for trucking in 2016, which on February 1, autosabina between Russia and Poland ceased.