State Duma Deputy believes that his meeting with MEPs thwarted by the order of USA

MOSCOW, February 19. The Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee for housing and communal services Alexander Sidyakin (“United Russia”), which was on Friday officially to meet in Krakow with deputies of the European Parliament “Europe of Nations and freedoms” implies that the meeting was foiled as directed from Washington. He said this on the phone from Krakow.

According to Sidyakin, his statement had to be devoted to the topics of today’s challenges, terrorism and migration flows.

“I came at the invitation of “eurosceptics”, member of the European Parliament Michal Marusik, and at the meeting he told me that the events I will attend, it is impossible to conduct, since it is available almost from the head of the European Parliament Martin Schulz on the need to refrain from such contacts. They are afraid of my statement,” said Sidyakin.

According to him, the European colleagues “themselves admit that without the influence from overseas there has not been”. “This decision was “rammed through”. I was astonished to see that they recognize that are not free in their decisions,” he said.

“It is certain that the desire to suppress the appearance of our point of view in official circles is present, has a systematic character and is directed not even from Brussels, and, I think, out of Washington,” he said.