“Surgutneftegaz” became the most profitable for investors oil company

Accumulated in the accounts of the company’s $30 billion helped him become the world’s single largest publicly traded oil company, has provided its investors a positive return following the collapse in oil prices, reports Bloomberg. Refusing to purchase assets and years accumulating the profits from oil sales in dollar accounts, the Russian company has managed to get around and Exxon Mobil, and Royal Dutch Shell.

“The income they receive by cash. The oil business brings crumbs”, — said the Agency analyst IK “Aton” Alexander Kornilov.

According to experts Bloomberg, the dividend yield of securities “Surgutneftegaz” in the last 15 months was 18.5%, while the ruble against the dollar fell by 42%.

At the end of January the General Director “Surgutneftegaz” Vladimir Bogdanov has declared that does not consider the current oil prices are critical to your company. “No critical situation for the company at current oil prices,” — said Bogdanov.

“Surgutneftegas” — one of the largest vertically integrated Russian oil and gas companies leading the activity in the spheres of extraction and processing of oil and gas, manufacturing, and sales of petroleum products and electricity.

According to the company, in 2015, its fields produced 61,6 million tons of oil and 9.5 billion cubic meters of gas in January 2016 5.2 million tonnes of oil and 834 million cubic meters of gas.

Speaking in June 2015 at a meeting of shareholders of “Surgutneftegaz”, the General Director of the company Vladimir Bogdanov said that the company is not planning any acquisitions in Russia because “I can’t”, noting that questions about the money “not for the General public”.

Bloomberg previously reported that Surgutneftegaz may acquire a 19.5% stake in Rosneft, which plans to sell the state.