The Cabinet has extended the list of foreign goods and services that cannot be purchased for state needs

MOSCOW, February 19. The government has expanded the list of foreign goods and services in the light industry by prohibiting the purchase for Federal purposes. The relevant document was signed on 17 February 2016, placed on an official portal of legal information.

In particular, the list includes hire of household linen products and textiles, clothing and footwear. In the previous version of document services in the list did not appear.

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In addition, the new list includes plastic products.

Changes are also associated with updating national classification of products by kinds of economic activity.

In the new “black list” are the knitted and knitted, carpets and carpet articles, blankets, road rugs, bedlinen, table, toilet and kitchen.

In July last year, the Ministry of industry and trade has proposed to expand the list of light industry goods manufactured abroad that are prohibited for state and municipal procurement of such items as cotton or synthetic thread, yarn, carpets, ropes, blankets, table and bed linen, button, buttons, zippers, pads, and heels for shoes made of plastic.