The court extended the arrest of the accused in the murder of Nemtsov

Basmanny court of capital on Friday extended the arrest of five accused in the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov to 7 March 2016. To leave all of the defendants in jail for a longer period, the consequence should apply to the Moscow city court.

Now the investigation of five alleged perpetrators of the murder is in the final stage — the defendants and their lawyers are studying the materials. In a separate proceeding highlighted the case of Ruslan mukhutdinova, of which the consequence considers as one of the organizers of the murder.

One court at all

Judge Arthur Karpov has considered the request to extend the arrest of five persons: Zaur Dadaeva — last fighter of a battalion “the North”, whom investigators believe the killer, his distant relatives of the brothers, Anzor and Shadid Gubarevich and their friends Temirlan eskirkhanova and Khamzat buhaeva.

All of them, said the investigator, once free, might try to escape, destroy evidence or exert pressure on witnesses.

In turn, the defense asked the court not to extend the arrest. “All the statements of the investigation is unfounded, in fact there is no evidence against the accused, besides the very preliminary investigation is completed and the defendants in the case are not able to influence the course of the investigation,” spoke the lawyer Dadaeva Shamsudin cakaev. He recalled that his client has been awarded “Hero of Russia”.

Year investigation

Notorious crime happened almost a year ago. Late in the evening on February 27 Nemkov was gunned down on Great Moskvoretsky bridge, when returning home with model Anna Duricko after dinner in the restaurant.

In less than a week the police have detained in Ingushetia the five men — alleged perpetrators and their accomplices fighters of a battalion “the North” Zaur Dadaeva, as well as his extended family of brothers Anzor and Sadida Hubarevich who you and Temirlan of eskirkhanova and Khamzat buhaeva. Another suspect Beslan Shabanov was blown up on the grenade when they wanted to arrest him in the Chechen Republic.

Immediately after the arrest Dadaev and Gubachev senior have given grateful evidences. So, in the initial interrogation Dadaev told that the plans to assassinate him and other accused appeared only in January 2015, and the reason was the policy stance of the bloody terrorist attack in France, where the terrorists shot the staff of Charlie Hebdo.

But the weapon and the car ZAZ Chance, on which the killer fled the scene of the crime, according to Dadaeva, they were given a Chechen “Rusik”, which went to the Mercedes ML with the numbers 007. Also, claimed Dadaev, “Rusik” promised to pay them 5 million rubles.

Later, Dadaev refused this testimony and stated that he had given it under torture. He claimed that he was tortured with electric shocks and threatened to kill his colleague.

But the investigation found that the machine Mercedes ML with the numbers 007 was ruled by a co-worker Dadaeva and the personal driver of the other battalion Eremeeva Ruslan — Ruslan mukhutdinov. The maid of Eremeeva, questioned as a witness in the case, also confirmed to investigators that the Boy everyone called it mukhutdinova. Also, according to the investigators, preparation of crime could begin much earlier than January 2015 — in the autumn of 2014.

In November last year mukhutdinov was declared wanted, and the Basmanny court of Moscow issued the sanction on its correspondence arrest. But according to the investigation, now mukhutdinov is in the United Arab Emirates.