The court prematurely withdrew the conviction of the former commander-in-chief Land forces

With former commander-in-chief of the Russian Land forces Vladimir Chirkin prematurely withdrew a conviction on charges of bribery, reports TASS from the courtroom. The decision was taken 235th garrison military court of Moscow, having considered that the convict had served sentence in full.

In August last year Chirkin was convicted of binding in 450 thousand rbl. the Investigation claimed that the crime was committed in 2008 when he was Deputy commander of the Moscow military district. TFR believed that for a bribe of 450 thousand rubles Chirkin promised to help a former serviceman major of a stock Vladimir Lopanov to get a Studio apartment, which is relied by law. The soldier gave a bribe, however, could not stay in the apartment, which was occupied by another ex-military. Not received the money back, Bursting appealed to the Chief military Prosecutor’s office.

Chirkin was sentenced to five years in prison and a fine of 34 thousand rbl., and also was stripped of all titles and awards order of Courage for the Chechen campaign. The ex-commander-in-chief claimed that he was cheated by the middlemen who extorted money from him and covered the name of General.

A few months later the Moscow district military court has cancelled a sentence, having reclassified the charges of fraud, and ordered the release of former commander of the prison. The term was replaced with the fine of 90 thousand rubles was returned to the rank of Colonel and all the awards, of which he was deprived.

In early February it became known that Chirkin turned in garrison military court with the request for early removal of conviction. He tried to use privileges for inmates, different exemplary behavior. As evidence Chirkin brought fined 90 thousand rubles, and repayment of all costs that have arisen in the course of his criminal trial. Chirkin also applied to a motion feature, which gave him the chief of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces army General Valery Gerasimov. In it the General, in particular, noted the integrity of the convict and his “commitment to spiritual and moral values of the Russian armies”, and called his prosecution “the result of an accidental combination of circumstances”. The defense Ministry, Gerasimov stressed, “involves the and to use knowledge and experience” Chirkin.

A few days later a source in the Chief military Prosecutor’s office of Russia informed “Interfax” that the Ministry of cassation appealed against the sentence against the ex-commander. The spokesman added that the Prosecutor’s office is also trying to overturn an appellate definition of “substantial violations of the criminal and procedural laws” and to direct criminal case on new consideration to appeal.