The court sent Kamenshchik under house arrest

Basmanny court of capital on Friday was placed on two months under house arrest the owner of the Domodedovo airport Dmitry Kamenshchik. Until 18 April Kamenshchik will be in his country house in the suburban town of Odintsovo, the correspondent from a court hall.

The court also imposed restrictions on communication: forbidden to use mail, telephone and the Internet and to negotiate with the means of communication with anyone without the permission of the investigator. To communicate the accused may only close relatives, lawyers and investigation team.

Initially the result sought on the premises of the owner of the airport under guard. Today, however, during the trial it became known that the petition is withdrawn, the consequence was asked to put Kamenshchik under house arrest. As a result, the judge examined immediately the second prosecution motion.

“Investigators have reasonable grounds to believe that he might abscond from the court, would hinder the investigation. Please choose a measure of restraint to 17 April”, — said at the trial the investigator. The representatives of the victims the lawyers Igor Trunov and Lyudmila Aivar supported house arrest.

In turn, the Prosecutor, disclosing the position of the state office of public Prosecutor, urged the judge to free the stone Kamenshchik in the courtroom. He stated that there is no causal link between the actions of the management of the airport and the explosion of a terrorist, and therefore no crime. “Any reason for the detention was not a Kamenshchik. The indictment consider illegal,” he said.

The lawyers of the accused offered to pay a Deposit of 15 million rubles. however, they insisted that any measure of restraint will be unreasonable. “Kamenshchik lives in the village of Odintsovo (Domodedovo district of the Moscow region) for several years and his residence did not change. Has a permanent place of work”, — said the lawyer Anna Ionova and showed the court a letter of reference from employees where he “characterized as a good citizen and responsible person”. She recalled that on 18 February the Kamenshchik himself came for questioning to the investigator, where he was detained.

Kamenshchik told the court that it is a matter of honor to prove his innocence and the innocence of other airport staff. “I’m definitely not going anywhere”, he said, asking to put him under arrest, not at the place of official registration in the town of Odintsovo in the Domodedovo district, while the adjacent two-storey manor house, which has the status of a holiday home.

February 18, Kamenshchik was detained after interrogation in the TFR. He was charged under article 238 of the Criminal code (fulfillment of works or rendering of services that do not meet the requirements of safety, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons).

Among the other defendants in the case, former Director of the airport complex Vyacheslav Nekrasov, the former head of the Russian representative office of “airport Management company limited” (the offshore company, which owns the airport) Svetlana Trishina and the head of the security service of the company Andrey Danilov. They were all arrested by the decision of the Basmanny court of Moscow a week and a half ago.

According to the prosecution, the Kamenshchik, Nekrasov, Trishina and Danilov in 2010 introduced a new system of passenger screening, which led to the fact that in January 2011 the building of the airport “Domodedovo” was able to infiltrate a suicide bomber Magomed Yevloyev, who blew himself up in the crowd. Then, 37 people were killed, 170 were wounded.