The FT learned of the plans of Riyadh to conduct an operation in the South-East Syria

According to sources Finansial Times in Riyadh, Saudovskaya Arabia is considering the option of a ground operation in South-Eastern Syria near the border with Jordan. According to the publication, in this case, it is possible to support the operation by Jordanian forces.

Senior Saudi officials told the FT on condition of anonymity that Jordan last year has already offered Saudi Arabia to deploy commandos on their territory. According to the leaders of the factions controlling territory in Eastern Syria and Saudi Arabia have already conducted exploration in this region.

On 17 February, the Advisor to the Minister of defense of Saudi Arabia General Ahmad Asiri said that the armed forces of the Kingdom began preparations for a ground operation in Syria. “Saudi Arabia has initiated the preparation of a ground invasion of Syria under the leadership of the international coalition, but not alone,” said Asiri.

According to him, all ground forces of Saudi Arabia are currently in the Kingdom, the General has denied the information about transportation in the territory of Jordan to the border with Syria Saudi armored vehicles.

In early February, Saudi Arabia announced its readiness to participate in ground operations in Syria against militants of the “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia) as part of a coalition led by the United States. Later the same statement was made by the United Arab Emirates.

February 9, the SA announced its readiness to send to Syria armed group of special purpose. Later, the foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Riyadh has sent ground forces and fighter jets to the military base Incirlik in Turkey. The Saudi side confirmed the sending to Turkey of aviation.