“The horror and cynicism”: as Dmitry Kamenshchik was put under house arrest

Measure “tomorrow”

47-year-old billionaire Dmitry Kamenshchik was taken during the meeting of the Basmanny court reinforced the convoy. A businessman, dressed in the military style, looked calm and ignored the journalists ‘ questions. About the development of his craft, he said at a press conference two days ago and the investigation has surrendered himself, taking with him everything necessary for the jail.

According to the materials of the case, the Kamenshchik, the father of four minor children, not married, works as a consultant in the Russian representative offices of the company “airport Management company limited”. According to the UK about the detention, he is the actual owner of the airport “Domodedovo”.

The courtroom was filled with journalists. None of the relatives of the accused for consideration of a measure of restraint didn’t come. His interests were represented by two lawyers.

At the beginning of the meeting, the judge Elena Lenskaya reported that the investigation refused the application on the premises of a businessman in jail and asks to send him under house arrest. As a result, the judge examined immediately the second prosecution motion.

The investigator was very brief. Literally a tongue-Twister, he declared that Kamenshchik, having been set free, could exert pressure on witnesses and destroy evidence.

“Investigators have reasonable grounds to believe that he might abscond from the court, would hinder the investigation. Please choose a measure of restraint to 17 April”.

The Kamenshchik February 18, were charged under article 238 of the Criminal code (fulfillment of works or rendering of services that do not meet the requirements of safety, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons).

According to the prosecution, he and the other defendants in the case in 2010 introduced a new system of passenger screening, which led to the fact that in January 2011 the building of the airport “Domodedovo” has infiltrated the suicide bomber Magomed Yevloyev and blew himself in the crowd. Then, 37 people were killed, 170 were wounded.

The representative of the victims, the lawyers Igor Trunov and Lyudmila Aivar supported house arrest. “We can’t apply that measure of restraint was tougher — lamented Trunov. — Why support a liberal measure of tomorrow”.

Under arrest in a rest home

From his seat rose and the Prosecutor urged the judge to free the stone Kamenshchik in the courtroom. He stated that there is no causal link between the actions of the management of the airport and the explosion of a terrorist, and therefore no crime.

“Any reason for the detention was not a Kamenshchik. The prosecution believe to be illegal,” the Prosecutor said, noting that he read out the position of the Prosecutor General.

The same position was taken also by the lawyers of the accused. They said that any measure of restraint will be unreasonable, but offered to pay a Deposit of 15 million rubles.

“Kamenshchik lives in the town of Odintsovo (Domodedovo district of the Moscow region) for several years and his residence did not change. Has a permanent place of work”, — the lawyer told Ionova and demonstrated to the court description from the staff. “He is a good citizen and responsible person,” was made by the defender.

Ionova recalled that on 18 February the Kamenshchik himself came for questioning to the investigator, where he was detained. The businessman came to questioning things and immediately said he intends to stand for truth, supported the second panel’s lawyer, Mikhail Kolpakov.

“We counted in Russia 1150 different terrorist attacks, including small ones, but in none of these cases, the owner of the damaged facility was not brought to justice,” was made by the defender.

Kolpakov said that until 2010, the airports were not 100% passenger screening, this procedure was introduced after the terrorist attack. “If you compare screening technology of 2010, with its predecessor from 2007, the only difference is the duty to inspect passengers moved from the airport staff to the MVD,” — said the lawyer.

The businessman himself was laconic.

“I dedicated this airport for 22 years of life — I work there I am 24 years old. For me a question of honour to bring this matter to the end and show the public that neither myself nor the staff of the airport not guilty. So I’m definitely not going anywhere”, — he told the court. He also asked to place him under arrest not in the place of official residence in the country house in Odintsovo, but in the neighboring building, which is listed as non-residential — two-storey mansion. It has the status of a vacation home explained the Bricklayer.

“Not so honest”

At the end of the hearing judge Lena asked the investigator, as it relates to the application of the Prosecutor not to elect a measure of restraint and request for attorneys ‘ fees on mortgage.

“Only an arrest, that is, house arrest — he corrected the investigator. — But there must be a limit. What a cynicism, what a mess,” he nodded in the direction of the defendant and his lawyers. He stated that counsel incorrectly interpreted the prosecution case. “The entire airport is equipped with part [with metal detectors]. But did not tell them that [you have] to pass through them”, — was indignant the investigator.

“And our client — Counsellor! What kind of Counsellor, of justice? Advisors will receive 20 thousand rubles a month, and he gets 62 million rubles! And even offers a bail of 15 million rubles,” — told the investigator.

“And to me [for questioning] the Kamenshchik did not come because he’s so honest, but because he knew what the consequences would be, if he will not come”, — summed up the investigator.

A week and a half ago, the Basmanny court arrested the former top managers of the airport “Domodedovo”: the former Director of the airport complex Vyacheslav Nekrasov, the former head of the Russian representative office of company “airport Management company limited” (the offshore company, which owns the airport) Svetlana Trishina and the chief of the security service of the company Andrey Danilov. All of them are in jail.