The Ministry of defence started to think about reducing costs of 160 billion

According to a source, “Vedomosti” close to the defense Ministry, as well as the interlocutor in one of the ministries, the defense Ministry plans in 2016 to cut its expenses by 5%. The expenditures under section “national defense” in the budget for 2016 is planned in the amount of 3.14 trillion rubles (or 4% of GDP), and from this amount the reduction would amount to almost 160 billion rubles, the newspaper notes.

The interlocutor of “Sheets” in the state Duma said that the relevant proposals in the lower house of Parliament is not yet available.

The bulk of expenditure under section “national defense” in 2016 — 68% of all expenditure by section — expenditure on the state defence order: the purchase of mass-produced new weapons, research and experimental design works on development of new weapons, repair and modernization of the existing Armed forces weapons systems.

According to the interlocutor of “Vedomosti” close to the defense Ministry, the expenditures of the state defense order and have a basic level of reductions — according to his information, they will be reduced by 7%. As otmechali “Vedomosti”, so almost 150 billion of the 160 billion rubles will be saved by this type of expenditure. The costs of salaries of personnel, according to the interlocutor of the edition, it is planned in any case to leave unchanged. The cost of deploying new connections due to the changed strategic situation considerably also will not, will not affect the reduction of expenditure and the operation in Syria, I am sure the source of the edition close to the defense Ministry. According to him, the cost of this operation is significantly below the planned reductions and is financed mainly from current expenditures.