The Ministry of transport: road carriers of Russia and Poland will receive 20 thousand permits for transport

MOSCOW, February 19. Carriers of the Russian Federation and Poland will receive 20 thousand permits to transport up to 15 April, said at a press conference, Deputy transport Minister Nikolay Asaul.

“It is expected that tomorrow the parties will exchange the permits. Accordingly, carriers of Russia and Poland will be able to resume transport between our countries,” he said.

“The size of the contingent is defined on a two-month period. Forms, which we will exchange tomorrow, will be valid until April 15 of the current year… This document implies… equal size permits of 20 thousand forms for the Polish side and 20 thousand forms for the Russian side,” – said Asaul.

“The parties have committed themselves to study the issues of improving national legislation and agreement on international motor transportation between Russia and Poland. The Russian side in relation to the number of documents which need to confirm the type of transport, the Polish side – in the removal of restrictions on the amount of fuel contained in tanks at the border between the European Union and the Russian Federation”, – said the Deputy Minister.

He added that authorization forms are expected to share this Saturday (February 21). “The forms that we will exchange will be valid until April 15 of the current year, – said Asaul. – Upon expiry of the specified period, the parties will review the work carriers in terms of change, which we agreed. And after that will install a permanent contingent for 2016”.

According to the Deputy head of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, proposed changes to the regulatory framework should aim to simplify the definition of transportation “to eliminate the differences in interpretation of the species transport between the Supervisory authority inspector and a driver-carrier.”

Talks on transport

February 1 has expired permits for cargo transportation, which annually between Russia and Poland. The advance parties failed to reach agreement on new permissions, so the truckers of the two countries since the beginning of the month can’t cross the border. The negotiations on this issue continued in Warsaw for three days. On 3 February it became known that the parties are unable to agree. A new round of talks be held in Russia on 19 February.

Poland was unhappy with the adoption of the Russian Federation legislative and normative acts regulating monitoring of the implementation on the territory of the Russian international road haulage by foreign vehicles, including transport of goods from third countries.
According to the Russian side, the new legislation has eliminated the disadvantages in the national regulatory framework, using which unscrupulous foreign carriers imported from third countries to Russia goods under cover of preferential bilateral mode of transportation.

According to the Association of international road carriers in Poland, earlier in the Russian Federation from the Republic was daily driven about 600 trucks. Each of them earns, on average, the goods are transported 2.5 thousand euros per day.