The Moscow authorities are ready to demolish the Pyramid, if the owner will not be able to dismantle the building

MOSCOW, February 19. The city authorities are ready to demolish the shopping center “Pyramid” on Pushkin square in Central Moscow, the city authorities have recognized unauthorized construction, if the owner, for whatever reason, give up the intention to dismantle the object. About this korr. said the head of the Department of consumer market and services of capital Alexey Ameryk.

“As far as we know, the owner is really going to demolish the Mall on their own, but, of course, the exact details of how and when it will be demolished this structure can be given only by representatives of the owner. They have a deadline until February 24. And if, say, the morning of the 23rd nothing will happen, then the next day will start our construction equipment,” said Ameryk.

As noted by the interviewer, visited on Friday near the Pyramids, near the shopping centre began to accommodate construction, necessary for the protection of the building during removal. Next to them is wooden pallets and the pallets needed to simplify loading and unloading. Through a glass wall one could see empty retail premises: on the eve of there finished to unload decorations, shelves, boxes of unsold goods.

The demolition of the unauthorized construction in Moscow

Large-scale demolition trading pavilions has begun in Moscow on the night of 9 February. All are to be demolished 104. The government plans to complete the dismantling by the beginning of March.

As stated earlier, first Deputy head state inspection for control over use of objects of real estate of Moscow Timur Zeldich, these objects are recognized as illegally constructed on several grounds: “Land plots for capital construction of the city did not allocate the permission for the construction of capital facilities and the acts of commissioning of objects of capital construction, were not issued”.

For their part, the owners of buildings believe in the illegality of the demolition. Entrepreneurs claim that had the ownership of commercial properties and all the permits, confirmed the decisions of the courts.