The President of Poland has accused Russia of fuelling a new cold war

Polish President Andrzej Duda accused Russia of fuelling a new cold war. He said this in an interview with Reuters, thus commented on the statement of Dmitry Medvedev at a security conference in Munich.

“If you look at the words of Mr. Medvedev about the cold war and then to Russia’s actions, it becomes clear who is making the cold war,” he said, explaining: “If someone acts aggressive military activity in Ukraine and in Syria, if someone increases its military presence near neighbouring countries, we have a definite answer as to who is starting a new cold war. This is definitely not Poland and NATO,” — said Duda.

Saturday, 13 February, speaking at a security conference in Munich, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the line of NATO against Russia “remains closed and unfriendly” and added: “You could say sharper: we slipped during a new cold war. Almost daily we announce the most terrible threat for NATO as a whole, separately for Europe, for America and other countries. Shoot the frightening films in which the Russians begin a nuclear war. I sometimes think we in 2016 in 1962 or today?” — Medvedev said.

Two days later the Prime Minister, however, in an interview with Time stressed, that is not talked about the beginning of a new cold war. “I never said that began a new cold war, but I was talking about that the decisions of NATO are pushing for the emergence of a new cold war. I said it and am ready to confirm again”, — said the head of the Russian Cabinet.

The statement by Medvedev was a reaction by German officials. foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that the world is not in a state of cold war. He noted that he understood the statements to Medvedev in a different way: “I understood his words so that we should try to avoid returning to cold war”.

The press Secretary of German Chancellor Angela Merkel also commented on the words of the Russian Prime Minister’s press Secretary. “People who talk about the cold war or about the dangers of the cold war, as, for example, Russian Prime Minister Medvedev, I can only say that the German government certainly doesn’t think so,” said then Steffen Seibert. “I must say that his [Medvedev’s] hands [the possibility] of such a situation be avoided,” he added.