The Russian Ambassador to Estonia handed a note about the situation with the Russian helicopter

TALLINN, 19 February. The Russian Ambassador was summoned to the Estonian foreign Ministry where he was handed a note of protest concerning alleged violations of Estonian airspace by Russian helicopters. This was reported in the Russian Embassy in Estonia.

“The Ambassador was summoned to the foreign Ministry where he was handed a note. The Estonian side claims that the Russian helicopter violated the border, penetrated the territory of Estonia at 492 meters and stayed there for about one minute. This information will verify our competent authorities, after which we will give Estonia our vision of the situation,” said the Embassy.

Earlier in the day the representative of the press service of the Estonian defence Forces Lieutenant crystal Maasikmets reported that on Thursday at 12:55 Moscow time the Russian helicopter Mi-8. She claimed that the infringement was recorded both visually and with the help of technical devices. According to Maasikmets, “the helicopter’s transponder was switched off, the helicopter crew no pre-flight plan not submitted”.