The Saratov Governor has proposed to release the iPhone 7 in Russia

The Governor of the Saratov region Valery Radaev on the meeting of the regional asset requested the Director General of the Saratov elektroagregat production Association (SAK) Eugene Reznik release in Saratov “the seventh iPhone”. About this informed the Agency “Region 64”.

“I for common understanding, people say that everything stopped, and here 6,5 thousand people work, perform the state order. Let us together “is the seventh iPhone” will release in Saratov”, — said the Governor of the butcher.

The CEO of SAK replied: “we together with the region will not have enough money to buy a license to produce”. “This is a very serious matter,” said Reznik.

“Without serious question today does not. Let’s write in the orders,” said the Governor.

He recalled that 64 years ago, SAK began to produce a refrigerator “Saratov”, and just sold more than 18 million refrigerators this model. “Aren’t we the leaders? We need to understand the potential of the Saratov region, each of its residents,” said Radayev.

SAK is one of the largest Russian enterprises for the production of complex electronic and electrical products used in the national economy, was founded in 1939. During the great Patriotic war the enterprise produced various parts for defense purposes, including aviation magneto. In 1970-ies SAK began to develop systems for airplanes and helicopters, and in the 1990s began working on the fuel regulators, starter motors, sensors and solenoid valves.

The most successful of the Russian smartphone development YotaPhone is, sales of which began in December 2013. Production YotaPhone is located in China. The cost of promotion and release the first version of YotaPhone was $50 million, According to research company IDC, within four years all over the world were sold 70 thousand Russian smartphones.