The U.S. responded to reports of a sale to Iran of Russian fighters

Sale of Russian fighters su-30 to Iran if it agrees with the UN security Council, would violate the embargo of the organization of the supply of arms to Tehran. This was stated by the official representative of US state Department mark Toner, Reuters reports.

About the plans of Moscow to supply Tehran with arms $8 billion February 16, reported “Kommersant”. According to the newspaper, the Iranian side is interested in purchasing Russian fighter jets such as the su-30CM, training and combat aircraft Yak-130, helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-17, mobile coastal missile systems “Bastion”, equipped with supersonic anti-ship missile “Yakhont”, surface ships of the frigate class, diesel-electric submarines and other military equipment samples.

Later a high-ranking representative of the Russian Federal service for military-technical cooperation reported by “RIA Novosti” that Russia and Iran will sign a contract for delivery of su-30CM by the end of the year. While the parties are negotiating the deal.

“If media reports are true, we will solve this issue bilaterally with Russia but also with other members of the UN security Council”, — said the press-Secretary of the state Department.

All UN members, in particular Russia, participating in negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program, should be aware of these restrictions, said Toner. To arrive and combat aircraft, including su-30SM, he said.

That Iran planned to buy from Moscow the su-30, said Iranian defense Minister Hossein Dehghan. He did not specify the number of aircraft, which plans to buy Tehran, and the deadline for signing the deal. The Minister noted that in accordance with the agreement, Iran will participate in the production of fighter planes. “We are moving to the contract. We also said that we should be involved in the production,” said Dehghan.