The US has deployed tanks and artillery in the caves of Norway

The US deployed tanks, artillery and other military equipment in a complex of caves located in Central Norway, reports CNN with reference to the statement of William of Bundle, commander of the 2nd marine expeditionary brigade.

As CNN reported, the deployment of weapons in Norway, which borders Russia, comes amid rising tensions s relations between Russia and the United States. Equipped with climate control Norwegian caves were used to store American military equipment in the 1980-ies to deter the USSR, informs CNN referring to the statement by the representative of the Navy of the United States.

After the end of the cold war, the United States questioned the appropriateness of the contents of the cave complex, explained CNN Magnus Nordeman, Director of the Initiative group on transatlantic security at the Atlantic Council. The Norwegian government has agreed to assume the costs of the caves in the 1990s.

The cave complex is a modern and reliable facility, which employs approximately 100 employees from the U.S. and Norway, its capacity will be enough to support 15000 Marines, told CNN’s Nordeman. The equipment in the caves was used to support operations in Iraq.

Some units, 6500 units, which are housed in the caves, will be used and in the exercise Cold Response 2016, which will be held at the end of this month. They will be attended by 12 of the participating countries and partners of NATO, and more than 16,000 military personnel. The Ministry of defence Norvegiei CNN said that these teachings will help to develop capacity of the military “in challenging conditions and to confirm the ability of NATO to collective defence and deterrence”. New military doctrines are crucial to ensure that NATO’s military could check the functioning of equipment and people’s behavior in cold weather conditions.