Vice-President of the United States praised the decision Poroshenko about the resignation of attorney General

Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden in a conversation with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko expressed support for his decision to dismiss the Prosecutor Vitaly was killed, Reuters reported citing a White house statement.

“The Vice President praised the decision by President Poroshenko to replace the Prosecutor General Shokina, which will pave the way for necessary reforms of the prosecution service”, — reads the statement of the White house.

In addition, Biden welcomed the approval by Verkhovna Rada this week anti-corruption legislation, according to the requirement of the IMF and the EU. He also praised Poroshenko and the Ukrainian government for their hard work, wished to continue to “move along this path”, counteracting corruption.

Poroshenko has asked Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin to write a letter of resignation on February 16. According to the President, the Agency “could not obtain the confidence of society”. The edition “Left coast” with reference to an informed source reported that Shokin on the same day gave the President a statement regarding his resignation. These data were confirmed by the interlocutor of “the Ukrainian truth”.

In the Prosecutor General Shokina the resignation are not reported. On 17 February, the Deputy Shokin Yuri Sevruk said that the attorney General is on leave. “I’m an acting attorney General Monday. On 12 February I was appointed Viktor Nikolaevich [Volkov] when I wrote [the statement] on vacation for three days. Viktor on vacation,” said Sevruk.

Earlier, in January, the Ukrainian edition of “Vesti Nedeli” with reference to unnamed sources, reported that during his visit to the US Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitaliy KASKO and David of Sakvarelidze, as well as the anti-corruption Prosecutor Nazar Gorodnitskogo it became known that Washington links the provision of credit guarantees to Kiev with the resignation of Shokin. As explained by the publication, a guarantee of $1 billion will depend on the implementation of the IMF program and conducting anti-corruption reforms, part of which should be to change the public Prosecutor.