Vladimir Kogan sold the pension Fund “URALSIB” Boris Mintz

That the transaction on sale of NPF “URALSIB” took place, said a source in group “URALSIB” and confirmed a source close to the O1 group Boris mints. Member of the Board of Directors of O1 Group Dmitry mints said in the interview that the transaction on acquisition NPF “URALSIB” is in the final stage, confirmed spokesman Vladimir Kogan, Irina Volin. “There is a fundamental agreement of the regulator, it remains to clarify technical details,” explained Mintz.

“This acquisition will not affect the Fund’s obligation to clients, all terms and conditions of pension contracts will remain in force and continue to apply, assured Volin. — Customer service will continue to be in a Bank branch “URALSIB” in the framework of the strategic partnership between the two companies.” Volin said that the Bank “URALSIB” has an extensive regional network, and O1 profitable to sell through Bank branches of their pension products.

The group O1 is now three pension Fund — Future, Stalfond and “Telecom-Soyuz”, which on October 1, 2015, there were approximately 250 billion rubles savings and corporate pensions.

A source close to the O1 group, said that the Fund sold approximately 1.8 billion rubles. the Amount was confirmed by a source in the “URALSIB”. Dmitry mints refused to disclose the amount of the transaction, saying that the final calculation depends on the number of clients of accumulation will be transferred to the Fund on the results of the campaign in 2015. Volin the amount of the transaction refused to name.

According to the General Director of consulting company “Pension partner” Sergey Okolesnova, the value of the Fund with high quality assets and a loyal customer base is usually about 20% of assets of the NPF. “The value of the pension Fund depends on the assets under management and quality of customers. If the Foundation for good client composition, the cost may be equal to about 20% of its assets”, — said Kolesnov. According to him, the NPF “URALSIB” good customers, “they are loyal to the Fund, no annual strong outflows from the Fund”. “In addition, at closing now the sum may be taken into account and future income — the savings of citizens, which will come into the Fund according to the results of transition campaign in may,” says Kolesnov, adding that the cost could be affected by the agreement on further cooperation with the Bank “URALSIB”. As of 1 October last year, the Fund had almost 7 billion rubles savings and 0.3 billion of reserves.

For comparison, NPF “Raiffeisen”, which in June 2015 has shifted from Raiffeisenbank in the ownership of the Bin group Mikhail shishhanov, the parties to the transaction also estimated about 20% of its assets. As follows from the statements of Raiffeisenbank for the year 2015, the Fund “Raiffeisen” was sold for 6.9 billion rubles, and the assets under its management amounted to 31 may 2015 year to 33.6 billion rubles.

O1 is not the first contender for the NPF “URALSIB”. As the newspaper “Vedomosti”, last year the negotiations for the purchase of the Fund led a group of Oleg Tinkov. The talks, the paper said, had begun with the previous owner “Uralsiba” Nikolay Tsvetkov, but with the advent in November of last year from Kogan, the deal fell through — the reason was that the parties have not agreed on price.