In the Kremlin regret that the UN security Council adopted the Russian draft resolution on Syria

In the Kremlin regret that the UN security Council adopted the Russian draft resolution on Syria

MOSCOW, February 20. In the Kremlin it is regrettable that the UN Security Council has not adopted the Russian draft resolution on Syria.

“In this case can only Express my regret that the draft resolution was not supported”, – told reporters the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

According to him, “Russia, naturally, continues its consistent, transparent and clear in ensuring stability, combating terrorism and maintaining the territorial integrity of States in the region”.

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The UN security Council did not reach agreement on a proposed Russian draft resolution on Syria

The UN Security Council held on Friday the first discussion proposed by the Russian draft resolution in defense of Syrian sovereignty, which refers to the plans of Ankara to introduce ground troops into the territory of neighboring countries. In the project in a one page, does not mention Turkey, but condemned “the continued shelling the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic and the continuing flow of foreign fighters-terrorists and illegal supply of arms” in contravention of security Council resolutions and “with the acquiescence or direct complicity of some States, including neighbors of Syria.

The document “strongly urges full respect for the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic and to immediately stop shelling across the border and interference, and to leave all attempts or plans for foreign military incursions into Syrian territory.”

Extremely negatively responded about the initiative of the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, USA and France – the permanent members of the security Council with veto power. In addition, according to information from diplomats, against the adoption of the draft resolution have expressed three non-permanent security Council member, including Ukraine.

The results lasted just over an hour’s closed-door meeting the presiding officer SAT in the Venezuelan diplomat Rafael Ramirez said that the agreement on a Russian draft resolution has not been achieved. According to him, the Council members took a break until Monday. “We discussed the draft resolution proposed by Russia. Each country presented its national position. We have time till Monday to hear the responses on this resolution and we will see what happens next. We spent a lot of time discussing it, but we have not reached agreement”, – said the diplomat.

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