Medvedev ordered Moscow to conduct annual financial forum

MOSCOW, February 20. In Russia there will be another economic forum. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree according to which annually, starting from 2016, will be held the Moscow financial forum.

In the document published on the official portal of legal information, says that the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation should “to organize the preparation and holding of the forum” and “creating an organising Committee and approve its composition”.

“Financial support for costs associated with the preparation and holding of the forum, to carry out within the budget allocations of the Ministry of Finance and the relevant Federal state bodies in the Federal budget for corresponding financial year, as well as extrabudgetary sources”, – stated in the order.

The document also recommends that “Federal public authorities, public authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation, local self-government bodies, public associations and representatives of the business community to assist in the preparation of the forum and participate in its work”.

The time of the first Moscow financial forum at the disposal of the government are not specified.