Obama urged Erdogan to stop the shelling of Syrian Kurds

As reported by Reuters with reference to the press service of the White house, Obama told his Turkish counterpart that he considered wrong of Syrian Kurds attempt to capitalize on the situation in the region to capture additional territory. However, he urged Ankara to exercise “mutual restraint” and to stop shelling the Kurds.

The American President also expressed concern about the recent successes of the Syrian army in the North-Western parts of the country, urging Turkey to stop the actions that lead to the deterioration of relations with the forces of the moderate opposition in Northern Syria.

Version of the telephone conversation between Obama and Erdogan, described the White house differs from the version of the Turkish authorities, which appeared a few hours earlier. Ankara has not indicated on appeal Obama to stop artillery shelling of Syria, but stressed that the American President has recognized the right of Turkey to defend itself.

Turkish artillery began shelling the positions of the Syrian Kurds after their teams broke through the defense line of the opponents of Bashar al-Assad to the North of Aleppo and cut the highway connecting the city to the Turkish border. After occupying several large settlements, the Kurds approached the town of Azaz in Northern Aleppo province.

The Turkish government demanded from the Kurds to stop the assault and to clear them occupied air base in Aleppo province. The Kurds rejected the ultimatum.

In Ankara claim that the coming Syrian Kurds rounded up from the occupied territories residents of Turkish and Persian origin. In addition in Ankara fear that with the approach to the border of the Kurdish “people’s defence Units” will establish contact with the militants from “Kurdistan workers ‘party” operating in the Southeast of Turkey.