Putin gave the highest ratings to the actions of the Russian military in Syria

Putin gave the highest ratings to the actions of the Russian military in Syria

MOSCOW, February 20. Russian military action in Syria deserve the highest praise as they defend the national interests of the Russian Federation and help the participants of anti-terrorist action to protect civilians. This was stated by the President Vladimir Putin.

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As the aircraft of the Russian Federation helps to fight with terrorists in Syria

“Military skill of our soldiers are now more sophisticated and in a military operation in Syria. Fighting in the middle East country, our soldiers and officers to protect the interests of the Russian Federation, kill fighters, which is called our Motherland with the enemy and do not hide their plans to expand the expansion, including on the territory of Russia and the Commonwealth of independent States”, – said Putin, speaking in the Kremlin at the solemn evening dedicated to the Day of defender of the Fatherland.

As noted by the Supreme commander, “fighting work of the VC pilots, sailors and soldiers and support units is highly commendable”. “In difficult conditions, they help the Syrian government army, the other participants in the war on terror to crush the insurgents, save civilians from violence, barbarism and lawlessness”, – said the head of state.

He noted that “we have always strived to solve any disputable issues solely through political and diplomatic means, not once contributed to the stabilization of the situation in different countries, helping to extinguish an acute conflict”.

“We will strive to do so in this case”, – assured the President of the Russian Federation.

“To prevent any provocation”

The task of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation – quickly and adequately to answer any threat, said the President of the Russian Federation.

“Our Armed forces should always be ready to quickly and adequately respond to a potential threat, to prevent any provocation and aggressive actions,” Putin said, speaking at a solemn event dedicated to the Day of defender of the Fatherland.

The head of state noted that in recent times had made “a serious step in the strengthening of the army and Navy”: “every year you have more Air and space forces and the Navy, the potential of strategic deterrence, strengthened the group on the key strategic directions”, – said the head of state.

According to the President, “increases the level of operational and combat training of troops, units and gradually be equipped with the latest models of weapons and military equipment, Russian military-industrial complex focuses on the creation and production of modern weapons systems”.

“Strengthening and development of the Armed forces, the entire military organization of Russia will always be the most important task of the state,” Putin said.

According to him, “the army of Russia at all times served as a solid bulwark of the state, the guarantor of stability, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, it symbolized the dignity and national power”. “Not sparing his life, our officers and soldiers have helped defend the freedom and independence of other peoples, played an important peacekeeping mission, participated in the disaster and rescued people in emergency situations”, – added the head of state.
The President thanked the leadership of the Ministry of defence and the Armed Forces “for honest fair service”.